Oxfam Policy & Practice News January 2016
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Oxfam Policy & Practice News January 2016

The latest policy, research, and learning from Oxfam


How can a development intervention achieve positive change for all? Conducting a vulnerability risk assessment would be a good start. Our new guide will help those working in development programmes to gain a holistic understanding of vulnerability and link up actors across different levels of governance. 

We’ve also published lots more information about our programmes including 12 new effectiveness review evaluations and case studies from South Sudan and Afghanistan.

Finally, we made the headlines this month with the shocking statistics revealed in our new wealth inequality report. The report’s chief author, Deborah Hardoon, explains why were confident about our findings and what they reveal. 

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Our guide to building resilience - together

Our new Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (VRA) tool introduces a holistic and landscape-wide understanding of vulnerability, while linking actors from different levels of governance to work together on identifying the root causes and designing risk reduction initiatives that are equitable, gender-sensitive and effective.

The VRA methodology is commonly used by Oxfam and its partners in twelve countries and by other aid and research organizations, such as the International Rescue Committee (IRC), the University of Cape Town and the University of Botswana.


Latest research on inequality and the richest 1%

Last week we revealed that just 62 individuals had the same wealth as 3.6 billion people. Our research provoked some rich debates and raised awareness across the globe with the growing issue of extreme wealth:

  • Watch the video of Deputy Head of Research, Deborah Hardoon, commenting on the report. 
  • Read the blog: Our stats struck a nerve, now let’s hit back against inequality.

Effectiveness reviews

Oxfam operates in 52 countries, across 227 different programmes, within which sit over 1000 projects that are designed to help end global poverty. We are deeply committed to being accountable for what we do and improving how we understand and communicate our effectiveness. 

Our effectiveness reviews aim to evaluate the impact of our work using robust and reputable methods.

Twelve new effectiveness reviews on projects from Uganda to the Philippines are now available to download. 


New blog posts

News, analysis and debate for development and humanitarian professionals


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What we've learned about vulnerability assessments and how to do them


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Gender mainstreaming in Malawi’s tea sector


Oxfam Cymru's Blueprint for Change


Editor’s choice 2015


New publications 

New research reports, policy papers and programme learning



Even It Up: A blueprint for change

Programme learning

Inclusive Partner Selection in South Sudan:The process of selecting partners in a participatory way in South Sudan

Working with Religious Leaders in Afghanistan: The process of working with the ulema to support women’s representation


Poverty, Inequality and Social Protection in Lebanon


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