January 10, 2020

PH 2nd Grade eNews

We had a great first week of 2020! We are working hard on our speeches and songs for our MLK chapel on Thursday, January 23rd.

Next Week

  • Bible - We will begin a study about Esther and will work on “listening to wise advice” using chapters one and two of Esther.
  • Memory Verse - Proverbs 19:20, “Listen to counsel and receive instruction so that you may be wise later in life.”
  • Reading - We will be reading “Luke Goes to Bat” and working on our Sequence of Events skill. We will be working on a Force and Motion unit to go along with this story.
  • Spelling - We will be working on hard and soft sound of g. Examples of our words for this week:  gem   cage   edge    gate  game   goes
  • Grammar - Review of pronouns and subject/verb agreement
  • Math - Introducing Roman Numerals, borrowing from 10’s place in three-digit subtraction, and addition family 17

Important Dates

  • January 20 - NO SCHOOL - MLK HOLIDAY
  • January 23 - MLK Chapel at 8:30 a.m. in youth area. Second grade will be singing and giving speeches on this day. Parents are encouraged to come!
  • January 24 -  100th Day of school, students may dress up as a 100 year old.
  • January 30 - We will be traveling to the Springdale Campus to perform our P.E. program at 9:15. Parents are encouraged to come and cheer us on!
  • February 3 - Spirit Dress for $1 or more donation to the Teacher Compassion Fund
  • February 14 - Valentine Party @ 2:30 pm. in the classrooms, more info to come

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