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December 2019 Newsletter

   Hey all. It’s been awhile and you may have wondered why you haven’t seen a Newsletter lately? Jason and I have been slapped in the face with reality and there are a lot of new things happening. Desert Valley is moving.....again! Sorry hobbyists, but although you will still have a source for your restoration needs, things will be a little more confusing for our valued customers.

Major Changes for 2020

DVAP will now have 3 locations spread across 23 counties. If you knew us back when it all started, we are basically moving back home in a way.

  1. Main Location-North Phoenix - Inventory consisting of mid 60's and newer Trucks from the big 3  manufacturers. This will be our MAIN location with plenty of complete pick-ups and vans along  with various projects for restorations.
  2. Casa Grande Location - this lot has expanded to 40 acres which doubles the previous lot size. Inventory will primarily be pre-1964 cars, trucks, foreign and our famous orphans: AMC, Corvairs, Studebakers, etc.
  3. Black Canyon City - Newest Location (oldest to the og's). Inventory consisting of 1965 and newer, primarily cars only.

   This is a huge undertaking and we are anticipating a lot of challenges for the next year. We are certain that some mistakes will be made in the process,  as we already have sent inventory to the wrong yard out of timing and recent weather issues, etc.. We hope you all will be patient with us during this enormous task. Once the move is done, we have the task of inventorying the stock and updating the website. Please be sure to call to confirm location before making a trip out. We are a small crew with a very large customer base so would hate for a guest to end up in the wrong location as these yards are well over an hour from each other.

   The goal here at DVAP has consistently been saving these classic's from the crusher for over 25 years and we plan to stay committed to our pledge. Regardless of the stress of state politics and ever changing policies, we plan on being your source for your restoration needs for years to come. Now is the time for deals to be given....great deals to be had at our soon to be old location...no better time to buy then now, no reasonable offer will be rejected...

Happy Holidays!!

New Arrivals

1968 Chrysler 300 4 Door HT

1976 Ford Torino Elite 2 Door HT

1977 Chevrolet Nova 2 Door

1977 Mercury Grand Marquis 2 Door HT

1978 Chevrolet Nova Custom 4 Door Sedan

1979 Chevrolet El Camino

1979 Chevrolet Van VX4 4WD

1979 Ford Mustang 2 Door Ghia

1983 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royal 4 Door Sedan

1984 Pontiac Parisienne 4 Door Sedan

1985 Chevrolet Caprice Classic 2 Door HT

1985 Dodge Ram 1/2 Ton Short Bed Fleetside

1986 Buick Regal 2 Door HT


Loose Parts/ Trunk Treasures

66-7 GTO Place holder Keys

66-7 GM Placeholder