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Protect Me From What I Want

PPP Dune Collection

Designed in 1970 by Pierre Paulin, the Dune collection features 4 different modules which are moveable and interchangeable - allowing you to create your own unique environment.

Recently (re)popularised by Frank Ocean, this Sci-Fi sofascape is a must-have for epic home screenings of the Villeneuve remake 🏜️

Paul Atreides for PMFWIW

Protect Me From What I Want

Living Divani Extra Wall

Piero Lissoni's Extra Wall modular (indoor + outdoor) sofa is a highly flexible and versatile seating system consisting of a variety of orthogonal modules that can be combined in a multitude of ways to create bespoke seating.

Tear sheet compositions resemble auspicioius (shūgijiki) tatami mat layouts - blocky / comfy / cosy - all of Lissoni's designs are wish-list-worthy winners 💞

Expansive ... and expensive 💸

Protect Me From What I Want

de Sede DS-600

Launched in 1972, DS-600 is a "non-stop" indestructible, variable modular system consisting of individual, addable armchair elements.

Any number of segments can be zipped together, allowing free-flowing mobile concepts as well as conventional furniture arrangements...

Named after a mythical alpine creature, the Tatzelwurm, the DS-600 can be found in Kanye's Wyoming studio, Hunger Games, and Guinness Book of Records as the world’s longest sofa 🏅

🐍 Not for Everyone 🐛


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