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October 1, 2023 - Volume 6 Number 12

Honoring Heroes: Juno Beach Police Department's 9/11 Memorial Event - Sponsored by the Police Foundation

On a tranquil morning in Juno Beach, a solemn gathering took place, uniting our community in remembrance of a day etched forever in our nation's history. The Juno Beach Police Department, in collaboration with the Juno Beach Police Foundation, organized a heartfelt 9/11 Memorial Event on the 22nd anniversary of that fateful day. It was a morning of reflection, gratitude, and unity.

The event brought together more than 50 local residents and friends, as well as police officers, firefighters, and first responders from our community. It was a poignant reminder that, even more than two decades later, the memory of September 11, 2001, remains vivid in our hearts.

A highlight of the morning was the guest speaker, Sergeant Scott Bresalier, a dedicated officer who, in 2001, served with the Nassau County Police Department on Long Island, New York. His firsthand account and experiences provided a powerful perspective on the events of that tragic day. Sergeant Bresalier's words reminded us of the courage and resilience displayed by countless heroes in the face of adversity.

We extend our gratitude to Chief Brian Smith, who himself served in New York during the 9/11 events, for his tireless efforts in organizing this meaningful event. Chief Smith's commitment to our community and his dedication to honoring the memory of 9/11 are commendable.

In addition to Chief Smith, we also want to recognize and express our appreciation to all the police officers and firefighters who attended the event. Their unwavering commitment to public safety, even in the face of danger, is a testament to the true meaning of heroism.

During the ceremony, we were blessed to have two remarkable individuals, Police Chaplains Emily McGee, and Rabbi Berel Namdar, offer words of solace and spiritual guidance. Their presence and comforting words added a sense of unity and healing to the gathering.

Music has the power to heal and uplift, and this event was no exception. Ms. Monique McCall, a country music recording artist, singer, and songwriter graced us with her beautiful renditions of "God Bless America" and her new original song, "No Better Place-America." Her soulful performance touched the hearts of everyone present, reminding us of the enduring strength and unity of our great nation.

The 9/11 Memorial Event in Juno Beach served as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made on that day and the enduring spirit of our nation.

Together, we stand as a community, united in our commitment to remember and honor the heroes of September 11, 2001.

May we never forget, and may the memory of those who perished continue to inspire us to build a better and more united future.

Mark Saloio Promoted to Police Major: A Well-Deserved Achievement!

We're excited to report the well-deserved promotion of Major Mark Saloio within our Juno Beach Police Department. With almost three decades in law enforcement, Major Saloio's extensive command experience will greatly benefit our community.

Mark began his law enforcement journey in Massachusetts in 1994 with the Hampden County Sheriff's Department and the Monson Police Department, showcasing unwavering dedication. In 1998, he joined the Sturbridge Police Department, progressing from Patrol Officer to Administrative Lieutenant during his 20-year tenure. His remarkable career included roles such as a Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission Member and Assessor, as well as a Police Recruit Academy Instructor. Subsequently, he served as Chief of Police for the Tisbury Police Department on Martha's Vineyard..

While leading Tisbury, Mark confronted substantial challenges, initially having just eight sworn officers on staff. However, upon his retirement, the agency boasted a full complement of 30 officers and employees and had successfully obtained State Accreditation.

In 2021, Mark and his wife, Meara, relocated to our region where he became a valuable addition to the Juno Beach Police Department. Here, Mark played a pivotal role in obtaining accreditation for our Police Department from the Florida Accreditation Commission.

In his new capacity, Mark will be responsible for supervising patrol, investigations, and administrative functions. His steadfast dedication to excellence and community safety guarantees his success in this leadership role.

Major Saloio is not just an accomplished law enforcement professional but also a devoted family man. His wife Meara holds a rare license from the US Maritime Commission as a Captain for ships over 100 tons. Remarkably, less than two percent of license holders in this category are female. Mark and Meara's partnership exemplifies the strength of character and commitment to excellence that defines their family legacy.

Major Saloio now joins the Advisory Board of the Juno Beach Police Foundation, enriching our team with his extensive knowledge and experience, and strengthening our commitment to supporting the Juno Beach community.

Please join us in congratulating Major Mark Saloio on his promotion and welcoming him to his new role in the Juno Beach Police Department and the Juno Beach Police Foundation.

Matthew Ricci Joins the Juno Beach Police Department

We are thrilled to introduce the newest addition to the Juno Beach Police Department, Officer Matthew Ricci. Officer Ricci officially took his oath of service during the September 13th Town Council meeting, marking the beginning of what promises to be an exciting and impactful chapter in our community.

Matthew's journey to the Juno Beach Police Department is nothing short of remarkable. Prior to joining our team, he had a distinguished career in the United States Air Force, where he served as a combat veteran with multiple overseas deployments. His dedication to protecting our nation's interests and his invaluable experience will undoubtedly contribute to the safety and well-being of our town.

Beyond his military service, Matthew hails from a close-knit family of three boys who share a deep passion for hockey. Their shared love for the sport has not only forged strong bonds but also instilled qualities of teamwork and discipline that will serve him well in his new role.

In addition to his impressive military background, Officer Ricci is a strong advocate for education. He holds multiple degrees and is committed to furthering his knowledge by pursuing a master's degree. This dedication to continuous learning aligns perfectly with our department's commitment to excellence and innovation.

Matthew and his girlfriend made the decision to relocate to Juno Beach after her graduation, where she earned a Registered Nursing degree. They both have quickly fallen in love with our vibrant community and all it has to offer. Matthew expressed his enthusiasm for being part of the Juno Beach community and is eager to embark on a fulfilling and enduring career with the Juno Beach Police Department.

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Officer Matthew Ricci. We are confident that his dedication, experience, and commitment to lifelong learning will be valuable assets as we work together to ensure the safety and security of Juno Beach.

Officer Ricci will undoubtedly have a positive impact on our community, and both the Department and the Police Foundation are excited to see all the great things he will accomplish as a member of our police force.

Meet Allyson Lynch - A New Member of the Juno Beach Police Team

We are excited to learn of the newest addition to the Juno Beach Police Department family - Allyson Lynch. Allyson joins the team after an impressive 6-year tenure in Town and Police administration in the Town of Manalapan. Her journey to this point has been filled with dedication and passion for public service.

In Manalapan, Ms. Lynch she spent six years honing her skills and knowledge. During this time, she achieved certification as a dispatcher and contributed to the community by working part-time as a 9-1-1 dispatcher.

Currently, Allyson is pursuing her Associates degree in criminal justice, highlighting her unwavering dedication to continuous learning and professional growth. Balancing her academic pursuits, she also plays the role of wife and loving mother to two young boys, exemplifying her exceptional multitasking skills.

Originally from Philadelphia, Allyson has developed a deep appreciation for the beautiful Florida lifestyle. Working close to the beach allows her to enjoy the natural wonders of our region while fostering a strong connection to the community she serves.

We couldn't be happier to have Allyson Lynch as a part of the Juno Beach Police Department team. Her experience, commitment, and enthusiasm make her a valuable asset, and the Police Foundation looks forward to the positive impact she will undoubtedly bring to the Town.

Please join us in welcoming Allyson Lynch to the Juno Beach Police Department. Together, we will continue to work tirelessly to keep our community safe and thriving.

Coffee With A Cop - Sponsored by the Police Foundation

As we enter Fall (with its cooler weather) and our seasonal residents start to return, we're thrilled to invite you to a delightful morning that promises great conversations, warm smiles, and the comforting aroma of freshly brewed coffee. And weather permitting we will be back out on the plaza between the Town Center and the Police Department Headquarters.

Please Circle Wednesday, October 4th at 9:30 a.m. on your calendar and head over to the Town Center for our eagerly awaited monthly Coffee With A Cop event!

  • Meet & Greet: Come and say hello to our friendly neighborhood law enforcement officers.
  • Connect with Our Foundation: Rub elbows with our incredible Police Foundation board members. They're the backbone of the initiatives that make our community shine.
  • Ask Away: Ever had a burning question about local safety, community programs, or anything else? This is your chance!
  • Delicious Treats: Indulge in the joy of delightful breakfast treats and savor every sip of your favorite coffee and treats from the Juno Beach CafĂ©.
  • Share and Discuss: It's more than just caffeine and pastries - it's a fantastic opportunity to dive into meaningful discussions about issues close to our hearts. We can't wait to hear what you have to say.

    So, gather your friends, bring your curious minds, and join us for a morning that promises laughter, connection, and community unity. Let's make Wednesday, October 4th, a day to remember as we come together at the Juno Beach Town Center.

    Palm Beach County Blue Mass 2023:
    A Heartfelt Tribute to Our Protectors


    On September 29, 2023, the St. Ignatius Loyola Cathedral in Palm Beach Gardens played host to a momentous occasion - the annual Palm Beach County Blue Mass. Coordinated by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office and attended by first responders from Juno Beach and various other municipal Police Departments, this heartfelt gathering provided an opportunity for members of our diverse community to come together and express their profound gratitude for the unwavering dedication of our first responders.

    Bishop Gerald M. Barbarito, a figure of solemn grace and reverence, led the Mass as the main celebrant. His words resonated deeply with attendees from all faiths, fostering unity through our shared appreciation for those who have served, retired, and continue to protect our community.

    Beyond a mere ceremony, the Blue Mass was a heartfelt expression of gratitude and solidarity. The Palm Beach County community came together to thank the brave men and women who dedicate their lives to our safety, to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice, and to honor those who serve with unwavering commitment.

    After the Mass, attendees gathered in the cathedral's Family Life Center, fostering camaraderie and community spirit. Refreshments were enjoyed as attendees bonded as a united community.

    The Palm Beach County Blue Mass reflects the strength and resilience of the community. It underscores the power of unity and gratitude, transcending religious and cultural boundaries. It reminds us to acknowledge the selflessness of those who protect and serve, a message we should carry throughout the year.

    We extend heartfelt thanks to all who attended this year's Blue Mass and to our law enforcement officers, firefighters, corrections officers, and military personnel who serve our community with unwavering dedication. Your sacrifices do not go unnoticed, and we are eternally grateful.


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    Grants from the Foundation to the Juno Beach Police Department well exceed $350,000. With your support and that of the overall Juno Beach community the Police Foundation will continue in its efforts in "Helping to enhance the safety of Juno Beach."

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