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Newsletter 12/2015

HG-Hamburg is now 45

Founded in Hamburg, on the 27th November 1970, the Hanseatische Gesellschaft Hamburg is now 45 years old. We have been known as a reliable conveyer of prime properties, within a considerable network of respected agents on the Costa Blanca, for more than four decades. Homeowners, who entrust the sale of their property to us, can rest assured that a large team of collaborators will be active on their behalf. The decisive factor in that is that an international clientele will be targeted. Many of our business acquaintances can rely on us to come up with a pleasant surprise and find a suitable property for their client. In order to fulfil this objective, we are constantly on the look out for first-class properties. Please get in touch with us, should you be in possession of such a property and would be interested in selling.

We are on the lookout for interesting properties of €400,000 upwards

Many homeowners shy away from offering their more modest villas to the HG-Hamburg to sell, as they perceive us to be engaged solely in the field of high-priced properties. It may interest you to know that our range begins with prices starting at €400,000. If you are the owner of a small, yet choice, gem of a home that you would like to sell, we would be more than happy to hear from you.


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The modern new-build continues to be highly topical

The ultra-modern new-build property, which saw a period of domination over the last few years, and about which we have reported in great detail, has, following an initial period of euphoria, settled down into a more dignified calm. We are very pleased with the current situation and happy, over the course of time, to be seen as something akin to pioneers in this regard. Meanwhile, there is no building contractor on the coast who has not been involved in some way with the modern new-build.

Traditional properties are once more in demand

Over and above the ultra-modern design, new constructions of a classically Spanish style are also increasingly in demand, as they personify perfectly the unique lifestyle to be found on the coast combined with modern comfort. Luxurious villas are being offered for sale immediately following completion in order that buyers do not have to be involved in the building process themselves and can move into their brand new dream homes without delay. One must take into consideration, however, that due to the continuous new-build “boom” of the last few years, building contractors have bought up plots in good locations and have left the market virtually deserted. It is, therefore, not only the new-build that, as such, has become more expensive, but also the corresponding plot in equal measure. As good building sites are rare, we would advise buyers looking for older houses in good locations to demolish them and build anew. 


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Impeccably maintained properties achieve better prices

At the same time, we have been noticing a welcome development in the resale of pre-owned properties in the upper-price segment in Jávea and surroundings, with particularly good locations being sought and well sold. We advise all homeowners to present their properties in the best possible condition, as buyers still have a large choice and wish to invest little remedial work in their new home.

There is every good reason for more trust in the future

The resale market within the lower price segment is something quite different, where a surplus of offers still prevails resulting in a drop in prices. However, it is not price and price alone that is of importance. Good locations are sought after and are correspondingly popular with a tendency to rise in price. We have noticed that owners of desirable homes who had taken them off the market temporarily are foregoing their defensive stance and offering them for sale again, and that is a good sign of more trust in the future, because it seems that the majority of investors are agreed on one thing: The market is full of opportunities which one only has to recognize.  


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We are now represented on promising new online portals 

With modern technology and powerful software installed, our new website has acquired a clear, simple to operate architecture and an appealing design. All photos have been equipped with a watermark depicting our HGH logo, so that no other agent can help themselves to our images without authorization. With this modern website, we are well-prepared to present our properties even more effectively than previously, through such promising internet portals. In short, the HG-Hamburg will, in the future, be very much easier to find and better to view, on the internet, than before.

Our popular company magazine “el sueño” lives on

The long-awaited ninth edition of our company magazine “el sueño” is coming. It will again be published in its well-known, sophisticated design, and, as you can imagine, it is garnering lively interest amongst owners of first-class properties, who would very much like to see their homes presented within it. The inclusion of a property is free for proprietors who entrust us with its sale, and presentation in our company magazine should be perceived as a mark of excellence. The most important criteria are: location, build-quality, condition and a price favourable to current market conditions. Please contact us should you wish to receive a copy.

We have a dynamic addition to the team

The beginning of June saw the arrival of Julia Arp (30), granddaughter of Walter Arp (80), in the HG-Hamburg team, to the great surprise of her grandparents. She is a university linguist graduate (M.A), and has lived in Dubai for the last three years having, amongst other things, jetted around the world as an Emirates Airlines flight attendant. She then decided on a return to Europe, and we believe her decision to be no coincidence, as she was a frequent visitor, when small, to her grandparent’s finca in Jávea and says that the HG-Hamburg had always fascinated her. First of all, she studied the firm’s property range in depth and will get to know each and every one, as well as meeting owners personally, in order to give sound information in dealings with our business acquaintances and potential buyers. Feel free to ask after her, the next time you call us.

We wish you a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.