A goal without a plan is just a wish
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“To reach a port, we must sail—Sail, not tie at anchor—Sail, not drift.”

– Franklin Roosevelt

In this dispatch we wanted to catch you up on all the things that have been happening in yeti land, and around the &you community!

Goal setting

The problem with goals as Amy Lynn Taylor has said is that “Goals without actionable plans are just dreams you aren’t chasing.”

Now here’s some real talk — actionable plans are tough because they require you to think through how you’re going to achieve something. For some this is innate in terms of how they process. For others, like me, it’s not. That’s where tips, tricks and tools come in handy re: this post from our friend Sarah J. Bray on managing creativity, energy, and life.

Goal setting is definitely something we think about and discuss quite frequently. We happen to have two major goals right now: the first is fundraising for our video chat service Talky on Kickstarter. If you haven’t heard about it, you should check out our page. If you’ve already supported us, thank you! Could you pass the word on? That would be an epic help to our project.

Our second goal currently is rebirthing RealtimeConf 2015. Our conference team has brainstormed up a creative storm of magic and surprises, which embody the heart of the goal of this year’s event: What does it mean for our world to be realtime? Read more about our plea to dreamers at RealtimeConf.com oh and you can buy tickets on sale now too.


Goals: a story about the mystery of spoken dreams

from Every Branch

Episode 10 of the Every Branch podcast hosted by Sarah J. Bray and Brooke Snow focuses on cultivating “for the current season, and you will see a welcome harvest.”


Talky doesn’t reinvent the wheel, you won’t believe how!

by Nathan Fritz

Aside from being our favorite video chat solution, Talky is also a champion of some very integral open standards. Fritzy explains more about how they support Talky.


Alive (MisfitCon)

by Adam Brault

This recent talk from the MisfitCon event — an absolutely weird event with a collection of absolutely weird people — gives clarity to the path which all goals should lead. Plus danger and icebergs.


What we’re working on


Over to you: putting yourselves out there

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What’s your secret for working toward a goal?
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