July 1, 2020

Our Police Officers Need Your Support Now More Than Ever

By Thomas F. Murphy, President, Juno Beach Police Foundation

The members of our Juno Beach Police Department protect our community, our children, our grand-children, and our families. Law enforcement is not an easy profession. Our officers ensure that our community is a safe place to live and work.

Police Officers are regularly forced into volatile situations. They face individuals who yell, scream and fight. The Officers need to intervene using good communication skills and de-escalation techniques to achieve a positive outcome.

While our Police Officers strive to de-escalate volatile situations, they must sometimes use necessary force in order to keep the peace or to affect an arrest depending on the situation.

Police Officers are of a different breed, constantly putting the needs of others above their own and because of them, lives have been saved, our communities are safer, and we always have someone to call in times of need.

The efforts of Law Enforcement Officers are sometimes misunderstood and often underappreciated, especially in these turbulent times. Police Officers are truly some of the most honorable members of society. Their dedication to serve their communities regardless of the cost is one of the most admirable actions that one could take. They bravely serve us day after day, frequently without receiving any form of support or even a simple “thank-you.”

So, the next time you come across a Juno Beach Police Officer, or any Law Enforcement Officer for that matter, I encourage you to thank them for their service and their sacrifice.



As reported in last month's Newsletter, Chief Smith and his team were evaluating different manufacturers and different configurations for a new four-wheel drive, all-terrain vehicle for use on the beach and in the natural areas of Juno Beach. Utility Vehicle

The team has identified the Polaris Ranger 570 EPS as the vehicle that best suits the needs of the agency and an order has been placed. Before being placed into service the vehicle needs to have a "police package" installed, which includes police lights, siren, and a PA system. It also needs to have graphic elements added before it will then be ready for service.

As this newsletter goes to print, the vehicle, entirely funded by Juno Beach Police Foundation is nearly ready. We anticipate seeing the shiny new vehicle on beach patrol in the early days of July.



Our Juno Beach Police Department has been invited to Orlando as a recipient of a traffic safety award at the 2020 Traffic Safety and Awards Conference.

The Traffic Safety Challenge, under the auspices of the Florida Department of Transportation, recognizes the best overall traffic safety programs within the State of Florida. Areas of concentration include efforts to enforce traffic safety laws and educate the public about distracted and impaired driving, motorcycle safety, occupant protection and child passenger safety, pedestrian and bicycle safety, speed and aggressive driving, and other area issues that impact the safety of roadway users.

The two day event includes specialized traffic safety training seminars, breakout sessions and equipment displays. It concludes with an awards ceremony where the Juno Beach Police, in addition to several other Florida Law Enforcement agencies, will be recognized for their traffic safety enforcement activities during the prior year. Congratulations Juno Beach Police Department!


Unfortunately, the ever popular “Coffee With A Cop” program that has taken place on the first Wednesday of every month continues to be temporarily halted. The monthly event, sponsored by the Town of Juno Beach, will hopefully resume in the near future.


The event typically brings out a large crowd of residents, business owners and interested parties to meet Chief of Police Brian Smith and many of his officers. The Chief updates the participants on recent crime statistics as well as areas of concern. He then answers any questions that the attendees may have. We hope to see this program restart in the not too distant future.


A group of women representing the local community visited our Juno Beach Police Department on Friday, June 20th to show their support of the men and women of the agency during these turbulent times.


Holding virtual hands, the women from Christ Fellowship, Chief Brian Smith, Major Paul Fertig, Administrative Coordinator Alyssa Grammatico and Foundation President Tom Murphy said a short prayer asking God to protect all Police personnel in their efforts to watch over and protect our communities.

(shown left to right are Michelle Paige, Tom Murphy, Chief Brian Smith, Amy, Tricia Smith, Lanie and Major Paul Fertig)

The women are visiting several other Police agencies throughout Palm Beach County to show their graditude for Police Officers and the Officer's families. They hope to spread their ministry to Martin, Broward, and Miami-Dade as a way of encouraging others to show their gratitude for law enforcement.

Chief Smith and Major Fertig thanked the women for their efforts and, on behalf of all Officers, wished them well as they expand their efforts in South Florida, and perhaps even further throughout Florida and the nation.

Thank You

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