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Hello  and welcome to the very first edition of the Kick Point weekly roundup!

We hope that you find it both entertaining and educational, but mostly entertaining. Please let us know what you think! If you hit reply to this email, it actually goes to a real person (Jen Banks, specifically) and she'd love to hear from you. And probably take you out for a coffee.

Now onto the good stuff.


We Haven't Made Danielle Cry Yet (give it time)

If you missed it earlier this week, we now have Danielle Fuechtmann on the Kick Point team!

She wrote a very lovely blog post earlier this week and said really nice things about Kick Point without any coercion whatsoever.

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Danielle, not crying

Google Loves Your Mom

Apparently, if you're a mom (Dana made the newsletter and she is not a mom so this is not guaranteed) this will make you cry.

Watch the video »

Google totally digs your mom

Creating Successful Pay-Per-Click Marketing Campaigns

Speed matters when a bear is chasing you, but it doesn't matter as much when you're setting up your first AdWords campaign.

Jen Salamandick lays down the law on what makes a pay-per-click campaign amazing. It's really worth the read, we promise.

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Tomato pasta!

How to Kick Ass at Copywriting for Your Website

The fine folks at Distilled do a great job of breaking down what makes website copywriting awesome, including our personal favourite - good grammar!

Check out the post »

A really nice USP

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