Contractors Hiring for SDS Construction

September 17, 2013

The Southern Delivery System (SDS), the largest water project to be built in Colorado in decades, is requiring hundreds of workers to construct. The peak construction years – between now and 2015 — will include completing a $125 million water treatment plant and two water pump stations in El Paso County and one pump station in Pueblo County. Contractors working on these projects are hiring employees from a wide variety of trades to build these components. 


SDS job fairs held this summer in Pueblo and Colorado Springs attracted more than 100 interested individual job seekers looking for opportunities on the construction crews.


“I’m glad I participated in the SDS job fair because it led to me getting hired,” said Falefau Vai, who was hired by Archer Western. “It's difficult to find a job in today's economy, and I'm very fortunate that SDS is under construction and needed a person like me to join their contractor's team."


A new job database has been added to the SDS website. Individuals interested in adding their name and providing a resume for the contractors to review for qualified candidates can submit that information on the website.


There will be numerous additional employment opportunities for individuals specializing in various trades including:


• carpenters

• electricians

• pipe fitters
• plumbers
• equipment operators
• concrete workers
• general laborers


“We want to hire local workers. We're looking for employees to staff not only our work on SDS, but become a part of our company's growth. “We’re a local company of 15 years, and working on a project the size of SDS helps us attract more business to continue working here for years to come," said Pat Danenberg, McDade Woodcock Project Manager, the company performing electrical work at both the Water Treatment Plant and Pump Station sites.

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