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HFI Reservists: Reconnect in Appalachia, October 16-22!

Hope Force Appalachia invites you to be a part of a wonderful experience as we come alongside our neighbors in McDowell County, WV, October 16-22

Our intentions for this week are two-fold:

First: we want to provide a time carved out where our Reservists can come together — apart from a disaster deployment — and simply reconnect and have great fellowship.

Second:  we desire for more of our Reservists to fall in love with the people and place of Appalachia by meeting our neighbors, hearing their stories and partnering with them to address chronic needs.

We are seeking Reservists who are qualified in roofing and carpentry — as well as Reservists who simply want to be a part of what God is doing in the hollows of McDowell County.
So...if you can sit and talk, swing a hammer or cook a meal, this time is for you!!!

This Reservist week will include two projects:

1.  Re-roof the team house.  Last summer, a wind sheer ripped off several of the slate shingles, and though we patched it, we have discovered leaks.  We will be replacing the slate shingles with architectural shingles.  We are planning to bring in a boom lift for this project. 

2.  Repairing / replacing a back room for a couple we have come to love.  HFI has initially helped them keep their energy costs down as they reside in their trailer.  We will now be enlarging their back room which serves as their laundry and water heater area.  Their current room is falling down and in need of immediate attention.

So...if you can sit and talk, swing a hammer or cook a meal...this time is for you!!!

Cost is $440 per person, which includes food, lodging, and material costs. Contact Brian Wagner for more info at: brian.wagner@hopeforce.org   To regiister for the Reservist week: Click Here

Thanks for considering this invitation, and we hope to see you soon!

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