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All Mile End CHG services have now completed the transition to CHG’s new building at 103 Henley Beach Road Mile End. Known as CHG@103, this building houses the former CHG Clinic – Mile End, CHG Specialist and Consultancy Services and CHG Head Office.

Combining all CHG Mile End services in to one convenient location offers numerous benefits to our clients. Employers will benefit from a truly integrated approach to injury management with all CHG specialist physicians, medical practitioners, physiotherapists, psychologist, occupational therapists and exercise physiologists all treating collaboratively from the same facility.

CHG@103 is a state of the art facility purpose built to assist employers in creating and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.

The ground level of CHG@103 contains (see images above):
*  triage centre for acute workplace injuries and drug screening;
*  sound proof audiometry room for pre-employment and periodic hearing assessment;
*  consultation rooms for medical and psychological injury management and assessment;
*  treatment bays for physiotherapy and hand therapy rehabilitation; and
*  gym and heated hydrotherapy pool for strength and conditioning.

The first floor of CHG@103 contains (see images above):
*  consultation rooms for specialist physicians;
*  functional capacity centre for pre-employment and return to work physical assessment;
*  executive health evaluation centre and health promotion services;
*  a 300m2 space available for tenanting;
*  training and multipurpose function room; and
*  conference rooms, management and support staff offices.

CHG looks forward to welcoming employers at CHG@103.

Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is the most prevalent non-communicable disease in Australia and is the leading cause of death worldwide (WHO 2017). CVD is estimated to cost SA employers $2.5 billion each year in worker absence and reduced productivity (Medibank Private 2005). In SA, CVD claims have been found to be compensable when they have occurred during work duties. CVD risk is of particular relevance to employers in the transport industry given the severe consequences of a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) occurring with a driver. In SA, SCA affects more than 1,800 people each year (SAAS 2019). If a worker suffers a SCA in your workplace it is imperative that co-workers act quickly.

Employers have a legislative responsibility to monitor the health of their workers and the conditions of the workplace for the purpose of preventing illness or injury arising from work duties (Work Health & Safety Act 2012 SA Section 19(3)(g)). The table below contains workplace relevant CVD risk factors and their effect on increasing the risk of a worker developing CVD. Combining an aging workforce in SA with older age being the most significant risk multiplier for CVD, it is more important now than ever for employers to address CVD risk in their workplace.

Employers can address CVD risk factors in their workplace through the implementation of onsite health assessments. An onsite health assessment will measure a worker’s cardiac risk rating, including on the spot blood cholesterol and glucose values, and provide advice to a worker on how to reduce their CVD risk factors.

To learn more about the effectiveness of health assessments, read the following case study or contact CHG.

A CHG Case Study

Healthy Heart Assessments

A healthy heart assessment is a health assessment tailored to identifying a worker’s CVD risk. CHG’s health promotion team perform over 2,000 healthy heart assessments every year across metropolitan and rural SA. Partnering with employers for more than 15 years, CHG have overseen significant improvements in worker health, and reduction in CVD risk factors across their client’s workforce, including:

  • reduced smoking rates;
  • reduced alcohol consumption;
  • increased physical activity;
  • improved diet and cholesterol;
  • lower blood pressure; and
  • reduced mental stress.

These improvements were demonstrated consistently in those workers who repeated a healthy heart assessment annually, with CHG clients also reporting a reduction in injury claims associated with CVD.

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