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Kentucky Flooding - Reservist Standby Alert: July 30, 2022

The last few days have found many of us glued to the news of the devastating flooding that is taking place in eastern Kentucky. Kentucky’s Governor, Andy Beshear, said in a recent interview, “This is so deadly, and it hit so hard, and it hit in the middle of the night. We’ve never seen something like this.”  Our hearts ache as we see the daily, increasing tally of lives lost.

After many phone calls into the impacted communities and communication with the Hope Force leadership and partner churches, HFI’s Disaster Services Director, Joey Stoltzfus, will be heading into eastern Kentucky from his home in South Carolina this weekend to assess how best to help and serve. Joey was recently in western Kentucky, preparing for three new builds that Hope Force will soon begin, following the December tornadoes that hit there last year.  Veteran HFI Reservist leaders, Steve and Deb LaForge, will be joining Joey as they head out from Nashville with tools and supplies.

Right now, we are asking Hope Force Reservists to be on standby alert, ready for deployment.  Please be in prayer for the survivors of this historic flooding and for our team as we engage with survivors.  As we seek to meet the practical needs, please pray for discernment of how Hope Force can come alongside people with the “Ministry of Presence” as well. Some of these communities have suffered great loss of life. Search and Rescue teams are still on the ground in some areas, looking for the missing.  This activity restricts access to relief and recovery groups like Hope Force until this phase is completed.

We anticipate that there will be great need in these communities for debris clean up, flood remediation and the Ministry of Presence. More information will be forthcoming within the next 48 hours.  In the meantime, please begin the process of personally determining your availability and making the appropriate preparations to deploy.

What You Need to do Now:

We are asking for all Hope Force Reservists to be on standby alert for a possible deployment to the impacted area.  Hope Force will keep our social media platforms updated.  Please check your calendars, and prayerfully assess logistics for you to determine if this is a good time for you to respond.  If you are available, or even think you may be, please EMAIL Connie with the following:

Cell phone number
Dates of availability (as best you know)


  • Conduct a self-assessment regarding your ability to deploy (physically, emotionally, family circumstances, etc.)
  • Prayerfully seek God about whether or not you should deploy at this time
  • Prepare your deployment gear and supplies
  • Communication with family, friends and employers about possible deployment
  • If you cannot go at this time, please prayerfully consider giving financially to the response efforts.

This could be a great opportunity for those of you who haven't been able to deploy for a while. Your willingness to serve others with compassionate action is greatly appreciated...and we need you!

Please pray for the people impacted by these devastating floods.  We’d also appreciate your prayers for wisdom as we continue to assess the changing situation.

Thank you!