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New Firmware for LabSat 3 - Introducing Remote Control

Racelogic have released new firmware to allow LabSat 3 to be controlled remotely via Ethernet, giving LabSat users an efficient method of end of line testing. Remote operation through a LAN connection is now possible via simple Telnet text commands, or using a Microsoft .NET API which will allow you to develop your own control software.

In addition, the new firmware features the ability to start a scenario from any point within the recording.

For an information pack including reference manuals and examples of code together with an application to view command examples, please contact your local LabSat distributor or

The new firmware can be downloaded from here.

LabSat 3 GNSS Simulator

Two Year Hardware Warranty Now Available

LabSat Product Registration

We are pleased to now be offering a two year warranty on all LabSat units, purchased since 2013, once they have been registered through the website.

To activate the extra one year’s warranty, simply enter the relevant details into the registration page and we will update our records. Registration only takes a couple of minutes, and the additional warranty period is available on any LabSat still within its first year of use.

GPS & GLONASS Recordings

On 1st and 14th April 2014, all GLONASS signals became temporarily unavailable. These outages were supposedly caused by the upload of corrupt ephemerides. Consequently, we have started to take a continuous record of GPS and GLONASS signals, storing up to two week’s worth of data: should another instance occur we will be able to provide a recording, allowing LabSat customers to test how their devices cope during such an event.

For existing LabSat 1 and LabSat 2 customers, our Rolling Recording Software is available to purchase - product details available from this flyer.

Contact us for further information.

LabSat Rolling Record System PDF

Case Study - "Narrative Clip" Wearable

The recent wave of ‘wearable’ products now available means that there are a great many new devices being developed for which LabSat provides the perfect test and development solution.

In this case study we take a look at one of the new breed of ‘life-logging’ gadgets, the Narrative Clip - a tiny camera that continuously captures photos, which was developed with the aid of LabSat.

Read the full story here.

Did You Know..? We Can Create Scenarios For You!

If there is a specific scenario that you would like us to create, let us know! We have recently upgraded our hardware, allowing for faster turn-around of custom generated scenarios. Send in your requirements for a quote.