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Oxfam Policy & Practice News September 2015

The latest policy, research, and learning from Oxfam


Yemen is currently experiencing among the worst humanitarian crises in the world. This month we published a report which challenges the government on the 'paradox' of the UK's approach, providing aid while also selling arms.

We also feature a series of blog posts  introducing different aspects of development, and explore how ICTs and data are helping us to improve the quality and effectiveness of our programmes.

Finally, you'll find a round-up of our publications and blog posts from the past month, covering topics including inequality,  working with youth as active citizens, and poverty and the living wage.

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Catherine Meredith
Oxfam Policy & Practice Team


Aid not arms

British aid is saving lives in Yemen, but British arms may be contributing to the growing number of civilian deaths. Our new report calls on the UK to suspend arms supplies to any party engaged in the conflict, and report fully to Parliament and the public on arms supplies already sent.


An introduction to development and humanitarianism 

For this series of blog posts, we asked experts within Oxfam to provide an introduction to a key area of development. The series explores our approach to inequality, climate change, humanitarianism and gender justice.


Data fights poverty

This month we published a Responsible Data Policy. On our blog we look at the opportunities and risks that come with using programme data, and the benefits that ICTs can bring to our work.   


September blog posts

News, analysis and debate for development and humanitarian professionals


More consultation, less exploitation: the extractive industries and communities


Business and development: fashion, unbridled enthusiasm and cold showers


Why the moral imperatives for women's empowerment trump economic reasons


Organising a successful programme learning event


An unequal union: new research into European inequality


How disaster preparedness helped save lives in Nepal


September publications 

New research reports, policy papers and programme learning



Programme Learning


My Rights, My Voice case studies

Case studies about our work with young people on health and education rights

Oxfam is working with young people as active citizens, supporting them to claim their rights to health and education services through the My Rights, My Voice programme. This set of five case studies shares some of the learning from Afghanistan, Georgia, Mali, Nepal, Niger, Pakistan, Tanzania and Vietnam.


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