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More than a dozen countries across Africa are set to go to the polls in 2019, among them Chad, Nigeria and South Africa. John Stremlau explores whether these will help to entrench democracy or will instead be used as a smokescreen by powerful elites and authoritarian rulers to consolidate their power.

Embattled Argentina has just hosted leaders of the world’s biggest economies at the annual G20 Summit to discuss some of the most important issues facing the global economy. This comes at a time when the South American nation’s own economy is in crisis. Robert H. Scott III and Kenneth Mitchell explain.

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Elections, and observer processes are a big priority in Africa. UN Photo/Flickr

Taking Africa’s democratic temperature as a dozen countries prepare for polls

John J Stremlau, University of the Witwatersrand

Surveys shows that the majority of Africans prefer democracy, despite its flaws, to the alternatives.

Protesters carry a banner that reads in Spanish, ‘Property of the G20? Who chose?’ AP Photo/Sebastian Pani

G-20 leaders descend on Buenos Aires as host Argentina battles worst economic crisis in a decade

Robert H. Scott III, Monmouth University; Kenneth Mitchell, Monmouth University

Argentina has been grappling with currency flight and an economy sinking deeper into recession, not to mention the worst drought in decades.


Many African countries are flooding, risking decades of development if they do not adapt

Olalekan Adekola, York St John University

African countries are sure to face more flooding in the future, they need to adapt or risk loosing the progress that's already been made

Why massive effort needs to be put into growing trees on farms

Philip Dobie, World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)

If we need more trees, many will have to be introduced into managed agricultural mosaic landscapes.

Health + Medicine

How to develop the mental health care that refugees really need

Lloy Wylie, Western University

Research shows that when refugees arrive in Canada they find a health system that is ill-equipped to meet their complex social and psychological needs.

Kenya’s Marie Stopes ban may drive more women to unsafe abortions

Michael Mutua, African Population and Health Research Center

In Kenya nearly 120,000 women are treated in health facilities each year for complications arising from unsafe abortions