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The inequality of our age is growing. Against the burly momentum of the global economy – and the increasingly complex perils of poverty – how can we reverse this trend?

The question has preoccupied the Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz for much of his eminent career. (The only major inequality he'll countenance, perhaps, is his highly concentrated wealth of professional credentials. Fwoof!)

This November, Stiglitz – who coined the notion of 'the 1%' – will speak with Mary Kostakidis about wealth distribution, economic overhaul and recent populist political movements.

Speaking of growing pains, school holidays are around the corner … and for the Wheeler Kids amongst you, we've got an art journalling workshop, plus a conversation and workshop with celebrated author Gabrielle Wang about taking YA novel A Ghost in My Suitcase from page to stage. Both are free!


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Monday 17 September

Come Together: Rethinking Art and Citizenship

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Sunday 30 September

The Next Chapter 2018 Announcement: In conversation with the first recipients [Newcastle]

Photograph of the A Ghost in My Suitcase set

Friday 5 October

Stories from Home: Gabrielle Wang: A Ghost in My Suitcase


Just announced

Photograph of Joseph Stiglitz

Joseph Stiglitz: Global Inequality and the 1%.


‘Wealth begets power, which begets more wealth,’ Joseph Stiglitz has argued.

Is our economic system fundamentally broken? Who, exactly, are the 1% and how did they get to control so much of the world’s wealth and resources? These are among the questions that preoccupy Nobel Prize-winner Joseph Stiglitz – author, academic and perhaps the closest thing in the world to a celebrity economist.

Starting out as a student activist during the civil-rights movement, Stiglitz, now a professor at Columbia University, has devoted his working life to understanding and rectifying the complex problems of global poverty and inequality. Stiglitz coined the notion of ‘the 1%’ in his influential 2012 book, The Price of Inequality, and has served as an economic advisor at the United Nations and as chief economist at the World Bank.

In Australia to receive the 2018 Sydney Peace Prize, Stiglitz will appear in an Auslan interpreted conversation with Mary Kostakidis at the Athenaeum Theatre in Melbourne on Monday 19 November to discuss global inequality – and what we can do about it.

Presented in partnership with the Sydney Peace Foundation and Oxfam Australia.


Upcoming event

Photograph of Asphyxia

Wheeler Kids: Art Journal Workshop.


Want to create an amazing, elaborate art journal? At this practical school-holiday workshop, learn how to make your own journal with a master of the craft.

Asphyxia is a writer and illustrator, as well as a circus performer and puppeteer. She’s the creator of the Grimstone gothic kids books and she’s absolutely dedicated to her art journal.

At the Wheeler Centre on Wednesday 3 October, Asphyxia will explain how she uses her journal to record her daily experiences and observations, and how she makes her art journal a point of inspiration for her creative work. Participants will then get the chance to start, or build on,  their own journals – mixing writing, collage and illustration. 

A great, immersive workshop for creative young people aged 11+.

Recent Highlights

Notes and recordings from the world of books, writing and ideas

Photograph of Chloë Reeson News

Working with Words: Chloë Reeson

Chloë Reeson is a writer and editor and the co-creator of Homecoming Queens. They spoke with us about discovering writing, relationships between women in literature and on screen, and the coming crash in astrology.

Photograph of Toni Jordan, Jane Harper, Melanie Cheng and Christian White on stage Broadcasts

Rough Diamonds: The Award for an Unpublished Manuscript

Past winners of the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for an Unpublished Manuscript – Jane Harper, Melanie Cheng and Christian White – join Toni Jordan to discuss their writing journeys.

The Victorian Premier's Literary Awards logo Enter now

Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards 2019

Nominations for the Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards 2019 are now open, including for the Award for an Unpublished Manuscript and the biennial Award for Indigenous Writing.

Photograph of Sally Warhaft and Katharine Murphy on stage Broadcasts

The Fifth Estate: Katharine Murphy

Guardian Australia political editor Katharine Murphy joins Sally Warhaft to discuss how politicians, journalists and citizens are navigating the changing new media world order.


Featured podcast episodes
Photograph of a map with flags planted on several countries Talkfest


Geraldine Brooks, Tom Elliott, Voranai Vanijaka and Mark Colvin search for insight and progress on the subject of borders, refugees and migration, from Australia, to the Middle-East, to Europe, to South-East Asia. Also, Julianne Schultz, Timmah Ball, Annie Zaidi and Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm discuss legacy and law, history, health and human rights in the Commonwealth today.

An episode of Talkfest.

Composite photograph of Sally Warhaft and Carey Gillam The Fifth Estate

Whitewash: Crops, Corruption and Cancer

Veteran investigative journalist Carey Gillam has spent decades exploring the links between big business, biotech and agriculture in America – including the ubiquitous chemical glyphosate’s health risks. In the wake of a landmark court case penalising Monsanto, Gillam talks to Sally Warhaft about reporting on the company's flagship weed control product, Roundup.

An episode of The Fifth Estate.

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Thursday 13 September

Raimond Gaita and Katerina Gaita: A Climate of Change [BOOKING FAST]

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Thursday 27 September

Dead Calm: Honest Conversations About Death: Memorials

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Monday 15 October

Stories from Home: One Infinity

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