The Beauty of a Truly Global Network!

Greetings from Liberia! No this is not Sheryl Haw, our Micah Network director writing, it is Adrienne Blomberg here. Some of the Asian members, or those of you who attended Consultations in Thailand or last year in Thun, might recognize the name.

We have recently advertised for a Global Network Coordinator to work with Sheryl – hope you received this and have passed it onto those who you know would be great at this job. The closing date is the 31st October. In the meantime, I am trying to give Sheryl some help during these last months of 2013, as an assistant.

For now until the end of this year, which is speedily coming, I'm here to help out where ever necessary. It is a joy to work for the network and give back to it for the inspiration it brought into my life and ministry.

My ministry 'Siam-Care foundation' first contact with the network was in 2001 during the meeting in Oxford then Mexico and Chieng Mai followed. From this automatically friends and new connections to our work in Bangkok followed. I first attended a consultation in 2005 the “ Jomtien Consultation on Integral Mission” in Thailand. From all over Asia we met to wrestle with issues of Integral Mission related to Caring for Cares, Relief and Development and the beginnings of Micah Challenge National campaigns in Asia.

This Micah consultation was different from others I'd been to. It was covered in prayer, there was time for devotions and biblical teachings/reflections, the topics were relevant and were really dug into, we learned from each other as we shared best practices, brainstormed new ideas, but there was also plenty of time to get to know the other participants around the dining tables, during small group work, and at the times of relaxation.

Being a member of the Micah Network brings much, it is like a ripple effect. It doesn't stop at the end of a meeting attended or a newsletter read. Over the past many years Siam-Care and I have been active with the network in an ongoing, sometimes more, sometimes less intense relationship, always bringing something new:  we arranged accommodation and travels for MN members coming through Thailand and at my home I have hosted members in need of a place while in Bangkok. We hosted exposure visits for other MN members and our staff have been on exposure visits learning from members in the Philippines and India. We have helped out when there were medical needs and hospitalization required for relatives of members that were stuck in Thailand, helped repatriate a deportee making sure he was met by a member organization in his home country, have helped host a regional consultation and on the list, which is full of variation, goes. Personal relationships and lasting friendships developed over the years which are valuable!

Micah Network values these personal contacts while looking at the big picture of equipping its members (from the local church, seminaries and aid/mission organizations), with more understanding of examples of practical implementation, and a passion for integral mission. Through organizing training, capacity building, consultations at national, regional and global levels the network meets many needs. In order to help with some of this in Asia I've been a part of the Asian Coordination group for a number of years and joined the global MN board in 2012. Again these commitments have enriched me with friendships and stretched my own skills and gifts as I've used them for the Network. I, and I'm sure it is true for many of us, am always learning new things, challenged in areas of my thinking, speaking and doing/acting through the Network's emphasis on Integral Mission.

Now, after almost 30 years of living and working in Thailand, the Lord moved me to Liberia, a new country on a new continent. The first contact I had here was with..., yes you guessed it right, a Micah Network member; Marconi very graciously arranged accommodation for us and went the extra mile; without complaining he spend many hours at the local immigration office helping us sort out some legal issues we'd run into. I've already enjoyed partnering with him as he invited us to share about Integral Mission and our Asia experience at his organization's, CIDAL, meeting with local churches in the interior of Liberia.

Micah Network is truly a global network, with members from all over the world, the north, the south, the east and the west, we have so much to offer each other, to learn from each other, to share with each other and to support each other in the many different ways. We are such a diverse network with members working in all sectors of society; bible colleges training its students, relief organizations ministering to the sick, downtrodden and vulnerable, justice organizations standing up against corruption and speaking out for justice, and all seeking to serve the Lord in humility, helping each other to be that man/woman that the Lord has shown us that is pleasing to Him and which He requires. (Micah 6:8)

That is why I love this network; that is why I want to help the network grow in depth and members, there is room for many more and room for each of us to develop and grow together in one network. I hope you share some of this passion with me.

Where ever you are and whatever you are involved in as you read this, my prayers for you right now is that Micah Network will be able to inspire and encourage you as Integral Mission becomes more and more our life and work. Blessings

Adrienne Blomberg
Executive Assistant

News Flashes

It has been a busy few months and we would like to let you know about four events that occurred in the last few months

Accra - July 2013: We held our first Integral Mission Conversation in Ghana – 82 participants attended. The theme was “A Holistic Response”. One of the learning points that came out of this gathering was the tension between what communities believe is the government’s responsibility and what is theirs. We challenged one another to recognize that we are called to take responsibility and serve our communities. A big thank you to David Botchway for being our hosting member.

Abidjan – July/August 2013: Our Africa Regional Consultation and all in French! The theme was Integral Mission and the Community: partnering for transformation. There were 81 participants from 9 countries attending. A big thank you to all the organisations that partnered to make this happen and special thanks to Chantal Tehe-Yoa (Micah Board member) for taking the lead to host and facilitate this meeting. Chantal gathered the following feedback from participants:

• A lady who called to ask if it was worth coming concluded at the end that the consultation radically transformed her in every aspect of her personnel like and ministry.
• The many organisations that took part to the consultation were deeply impressed by the depth of the content and were challenged. All expressed their willingness to embrace Integral Mission and look forward for further guidance.
• Some partners have organised events together and exchange speakers...
• Some churches organised prayer time and Sunday services on corruption from what they received from the session on Exposed: Shining a Light on Corruption.

Yangon – August 2013: Roma Hein, one of our Asia Regional Coordination group members, has been advocating for some time for Micah to hold an Integral Mission Conversation in Myanmar. The theme we chose was Holistic Responses. We invited members from India, Sri Lanka and Honk Kong to come and speak and share their learning on this topic. 68 participants attended! What was exciting was the follow up training planned by members for members!! EFICOR in India are planning to do training on Integral Mission in Myanmar in the coming months.

Integral Mission Conversation in your country: planning for 2014 conversations has already started – please send in dates and themes you would like to see discussed next year and volunteer to host the meeting together!


The EXPOSED: Shining a Light on Corruption vigil which took place from 14th -20th October and has some amazing things to report on, for which we thank the Lord. You can find photos and tweets on the EXPOSED Facebook page, the website and on EXPOSED twitter. Here some stories to give you a taste of what happened:

From Congo to Colombia, USA to Uganda, millions around the world are shining a light this week as part of what we believe to be the first ever global response of the Church to corruption.

In ZAMBIA, there was a large event in Lusaka on Saturday 19th on the door step of the Lusaka city civic centre. About 300 pastors in the city brought their members to the vigil. Organisers invited the mayor of Lusaka and the province minister as well as heads of the anti-corruption commission, the police service, passport office, ministry of lands, Zambia Revenue Authority and Transparency International Zambia. They have targeted some government institutions where corruption is commonly reported. The media reported the event widely.

In UGANDA, where it is risky to hold gatherings in public there was a four hour Vigil ending at midnight on Tuesday 8th, the eve of Uganda’s 51st independence anniversary. The Vigil brought together many different groups which are calling for integrity in public finances and justice. Holding up candles, the group wanted to show that “we are the light of the world, and our duty is to shine a light on corruption”

NEPAL has a small Christian population which in the past has lived quietly, wary of persecution. But in the last two years a growing number of Christians want to contribute to the community and help to take action for integrity in public life. 270 churches are involved in EXPOSED actions around the country and signatures for the Global Call are steadily coming in despite communication difficulties in the mountains.

In the UK, people from across London, armed with torches and lights, gathered on the historic steps of St Paul's Cathedral on Monday night.

And cats - to catch the 'rats" in the corrupt justice system in Peru. Women trained by Paz y Esperanza in their program to overcome violence protested against a lack of justice in abuse cases. They visited the law courts building to publicize corrupt procedures which saw influential men go free. They took cats on the basis that 'you need cats to catch rats'. Three judges lost their jobs as a result of the women's actions.

...And thousands of signatures are being gathered for the global petition to the G20. An amazing 20,000 in 150 countries have signed, but we've still got a long way to go. Have you signed up yet?
Please do and also read the stories on 

Membership Contributions

We are approaching the end of the year 2013, and  are reminding all members who have yet to send in their 2013 contributions to do so now. (See here for ways to send this). Remember this is annual contribution commitment made when you joined Micah Network – it is an act of solidarity so that together we can be a catalyst for change. We use this money collected to support the facilitation of conversations and consultation around the world.

Up and Coming Events: 2013

Do send us information about any event of interest that is taking place in your country or region so we can post it and let others know about it via the newsletter.

Some events still planned before the end of the year:

28th October: Justice and Mercy Conversation – Grand Rapids USA

29th to 31st October: Asia-wide Forum on Gospel, Culture and the Asian Churches in Pasig City, The Philippines. This forum is facilitated by ISACC. Please direct any inquiries to

4th to 8th November: Mumbai, India: Call2Compassion and Justice Conference with the 6th November being a conversation on Restored Relationships.

11th to 13th November: Lahore, Pakistan: Integral Mission Conversation – Micah Network. Theme: Centrality of Love

25th to 29th November: Zambia – Consultation on Human Trafficking postponed to 2014 – sorry to all who were hoping to attend – we felt together that we needed more time to prepare this well. Watch this space.

Justice Studies 2014

The Justice MA  at Redcliffe College UK is a summer school from 6-23 May 2014.

In addition, the module 'Advocacy, Reconciliation and Peace-building in Intercultural Contexts' is available as a stand-alone course in March and April - the dates are
Intensive 1: 21 to 24 March 2014
Intensive 2: 26 to 28 April 2014 - including time studying with David Porter at Coventry Cathedral

All the information is on the website

Human Trafficking and Business as Mission

From Mats Tunehag: The global BAM Think Tank is proud to present a groundbreaking report on how we can combat human trafficking with Business as Mission, BAM.


Micah Network: Global Network Coordinator – closing date 31st October. See here for more details, the job description and the application form.

SERVE Afghanistan: Executive Director – form details of this job please see here.

Crux - The Place of the Cross In The Process Of Transformation

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'Dave Andrews has long been a voice of passion, grace and truth for those who seek to follow the radical way of the cross of Christ. These provocative essays exploring the story of the cross ought to become a highlight of his already brilliant writings. In them Dave forces us to confront our propensity to distort the cross, making it into the very same kind of violent myth it seeks to subvert.