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Who we are

New Zealand Petroleum and Minerals is a brand name used by the Energy and Resource Markets branch of the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE). MBIE administers the Crown Minerals Act 1991 (and its predecessors) on behalf of the New Zealand Government.

In this issue:

  • Regulatory wrap up
  • Resource strategy for NZ being developed
  • Fees and royalties due
  • Law changes to change in control of permit operator for tier 1 operators
  • Farewell to our National Manager Petroleum and Minerals
  • Get in touch.

Regulatory wrap up

Site inspections

Our compliance team have been out and about and have completed 69 site inspections in the Canterbury, Otago and Southland areas since we issued our last newsletter.

Thank you to all of the people working on these sites for their help and cooperation explaining their operation to us.

Have you got your annual summary report in to us?

Minerals annual summary reports

This year we expect to receive 948 annual summary reports for minerals permits in total. So far, we have received 89% of the expected returns. By the due date of 31 March, we had received 69% of the expected returns on time, which is up from 64% last year.

If you haven’t filed your annual summary report with us yet you need to do it now. We’re still waiting for about 100 minerals annual summary reports to come in. The details of permit holders who haven’t submitted their reports were passed on to our compliance team at the end of May and these permit holders may face enforcement action.

Petroleum annual summary reports and release of petroleum reserves data

We have received all 60 annual summary reports due in for petroleum permits.

MBIE has now released details of New Zealand’s petroleum reserves as at 1 January 2019.

This information covers oil and gas production profiles, remaining reserves and contingent resources, all by field. More statistics will be included in the Energy in NZ 2019 publication, due to be published in September.

A resource strategy for New Zealand’s minerals and petroleum

We’re in the early stages of developing a 10-year resource strategy for minerals and petroleum in New Zealand. The strategy will express the Government’s long-term vision for the minerals and petroleum sector and support our transition to a low emissions future and a productive, sustainable and inclusive economy.

The resource strategy is currently being developed with the input of Treaty partners and other interested parties. A draft version will go out for public consultation in the middle of 2019. This will give you an opportunity to let us know how you believe New Zealand can sustainably derive value from its minerals and petroleum resources. Keep your eye on the Have your say section of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment website for when consultation opens.

Fees and royalties due

Annual fees due 31 July for permit holders

Most permit holders are required to pay annual fees on their permits by 31 July each year. Annual fee invoices will be sent out at the start of July. Please pay on time. Permit holders who don't pay the fees due could face revocation of their permit.

Interim royalties due 31 July

Interim royalties are also due 31 July. We will send the correct royalty return form to permit holders likely to meet the threshold for royalty payments at the beginning of July. Please fill these out and return with payment by 31 July. Permit holders who don't pay the correct royalties on time may face enforcement action.

Amendment to change of control of permit operator for tier 1 operators

The Crown Minerals Act was recently amended so that tier 1 permit operators undergoing a change of control will need to apply to us for consent to this change three months before the change is made.

A change of control is when a person (or group acting together) takes the power, directly or indirectly, to exercise 50% or more of the voting rights in a corporate body.

We will only consent to the change if we’re satisfied that the permit holder following the change of control has the financial capability, health and safety systems in place and is likely to comply with their obligations under the permit.

See our website for more information for change of control for both minerals and petroleum permits.

Farewell to Ilana Miller – National Manager of Petroleum and Minerals

We said goodbye to our National Manager of Petroleum and Minerals, Ilana Miller, in May. Ilana has taken up the role of Chief Operating Officer at the Electricity Authority. Ilana made a big impact in her five years with us and we wish her well in her new role.

Sarah Kenward is acting National Manager until a replacement for Ilana is found. Sarah has worked as both Manager Minerals Operations and Manager Petroleum Operations in her time here.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about permits for minerals or petroleum in New Zealand get in touch with us – we’re here to help.