Fall 2011 Catalogue Club


You should at least read the stuff in this box, even if you don’t have time for the whole email. It’s important information!

Your Fall 2011 Field Recordings Catalogue Club wine shipment is ready, and almost in your loving arms.

It includes:

2 BOTTLES OF 2010 CHENIN BLANC @ $20.00 Retail
[Only $16.00 for Catalogue Club Members]
[Jurassic Park Vineyard - Santa Ynez Valley - 350 cases made]

2 BOTTLES OF 2009 “CHORUS EFFECT” @ $28.00 Retail
[Only $22.40 for Catalogue Club Members]
[Bordeaux-style Blend]
[Koligian Vineyard - Paso Robles - 249 cases made]

[Only $22.40 for Catalogue Club Members]
[Red Cedar Vineyard - Paso Robles - 97 cases made]

Tasting notes and technical information for these wines are included included on the side of this email.

Your Total Cost for this shipment, excluding tax and shipping, is: $121.60 [For CA]

!!! To add additional bottles to your six-bottle shipment, fill out and return the Wine Order Form. Please place all additional orders for this shipment by Friday - October 28, 2011 !!!

If you do not wish to add additional wines to your shipment, you can just sit back and relax!

The Fall 2011 Catalogue Club will ship during the first week of November, 2011.


Hey, Everybody. This is Andrew Jones from Field Recordings Wine.

If any of you follow Field Recordings on facebook, you may have seen a picture of my son, Dillon, at Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco recently. If not, check it out!

It’s crazy: a year ago he was wasn't quite walking, and now I can hardly keep of track of him once Phish hits the stage. To explain - I was asked this year to pour wines at the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival in San Francisco, and ended up working one day of the event with only Dillon as back up. He cruised around a little bit, checked out some tunes and hoola-hoops, but mostly he just hung out with dad and met many of the people receiving this email - which, I’m happy to say, is a whole lot more people than I sent my last letter to. (Thanks for your support!)

As I look at that photo of my son, I also think about how much this little wine project has grown in the last year. There are people in states across America drinking Field Recordings and Fiction wines now, and we’ve even been able to get some pretty sweet new (well...used) equipment for the winery. It’s not exactly a fancy operation, and our production is still really tiny, but it’s great to watch things grow. And also like with Dillon, as our little business grows, I just get to keep having more fun.

The 2011 harvest is now hitting full-speed on the Central Coast, and as I start making the vineyard rounds and hauling fruit into the winery, I am really excited to release three wines from incredibly different vineyards and locations of this dynamic wine region: it’s what Field Recordings is all about. I should mention that since we don’t have much wine in this release, I think we will sell out pretty fast.

Please order more now to ensure you get all that you’d like! Here’s the link to the order form again.

Another release of Chenin Blanc is here, pulled from the beach-sandy soils of Jurassic Park Vineyard in Southern Santa Barbara County, and like previous releases, this wine kills it with food: curry, oysters, trout... you name it. “Chorus Effect” is dark purple, and with some time in the glass is very complex in notes that remind me of Left Bank Bordeaux, but it also keeps unmistakable brightness of fruit associated with Paso Robles. It’s based in Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot and is the best example of the Koligian Vineyard I’ve ever made. There’s also another release of Petite Sirah from the far eastern-lying Paso Robles site, Red Cedar Vineyard. These aging vines give concentrated fruit despite broad depth, in an inky wine that screams for slow-cooked brisket or short ribs. I’ve included tasting notes and more info on these wines at the end of the email.

Well, I should get back to what I do best: planting vines and making wine. I want to say “Thanks” once again for all of your support. It was awesome to see you some of you at Outside Lands, and I hope you enjoy the new wines we have to offer.

Happy Drinking,

Andrew Jones
Winemaker - Field Recordings & Fiction