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Welcome to the Summer issue of the VBOX Motorsport Newsletter. There's plenty of news to bring you:

We hope you enjoy the newsletter, and if you have a story which could feature in the next issue, please do not hesitate to contact us by email.

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New Driver Training Article

The latest Advanced Circuit Driving Techniques article features Ben Clucas, a Grade A ARDS instructor and former Australian Formula 3 champion. “Getting on the Gas” starts with this great quote from Sir Jackie Stewart: “Don’t put your foot on the gas pedal until you’re sure that you’ll never have to take it off again” and Ben gives us an insight of how best to apply this theory.

Download the new chapter here.


PerformanceBox and DriftBox updates

It is now possible to utilise the higher capacity SDHC cards in PerformanceBox and DriftBox. The latest firmware also allows user definable starting speeds for distance tests in Performance Mode.

If you haven’t upgraded the firmware in your unit for a while, watch this new video which guides you through the upgrade procedure – available here.

The firmware download is available here.


Updates to VBOX Sport Apps

We are pleased to have recently released new versions of our iOS apps to iTunes.

Performance Test now features user-configurable speed ranges for acceleration and brake tests, along with an updated user interface. The Lap Timer app has also been restyled, and now includes a one–shot mode, which starts timing as soon as the vehicle moves off.

You can download the new Performance Test app from iTunes here, and the Lap Timer app here.


Apple Updates iOS 7

Recent versions of apple software (7.1 and 7.1.1) contained Bluetooth issues which stopped data transfer between our Performance Test and LapTimer iOS applications and the VBOX Sport. This caused some issues for our customers – our newly released apps contain a workaround which solves these issues.

Apple has also released a new software version which removes this Bluetooth issue. Users can continue running 7.1 and 7.1.1 or update to the new 7.1.2, all three versions should now function without any issues.