December 30, 2020

PH 2nd Grade eNews

We hope you and your families had a wonderful and blessed Christmas. We look forward to this New Year! We will see you soon - on Monday, January 4th, 2021!

These are the important items you will need to know for the week of January 4th-8th.

January 4 - January 8, 2021

  • Bible: We will continue learning more about Nehemiah’s life and how he was able to stand firm. 
  • Bible Verse: Matthew 19:26 - But Jesus looked at them and said, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”
  • Reading: We will begin a new unit and our skill will be Story Structure. Our new story is Mr. Tanen’s Tie Trouble.
  • Spelling: We will continue with the FSS (final stable syllable) pattern and LE at the end. This week’s words will focus on the first syllable being an open syllable with a long vowel sound. Here are some examples:    Bible   staple   cradle   maple  
  • Grammar: Our new skill is pronouns such as he, she, we, it, they.
  • Math: Continue to practice borrowing, carry to thousands’ place, temperature, and measurement. We will work on symmetry, mixed numbers with fractions, carrying, and continue liquid measurements.

Important Information

We are also going to be reading and learning about Martin Luther King Jr. We will be focusing on writing – how to write a three paragraph paper, and turning that paper into a speech. There will be one assignment that will come home on Monday, January 4th. The assignment will be a worksheet asking the students to think about a dream they have for their family, their school, and their country. We will use this worksheet to create our paragraphs and speech. This worksheet will be due Tuesday, January 5th. We will then read over and choose one of the dreams for each student to write a speech about. Each student will begin practicing as soon as we have the speeches written. Each student will say his/her speech to the class.

Important Dates

  • January 4 - Return to school
  • January 18 - No School MLK Day
  • January 21 - Second Grade MLK Program

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