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How To Position Your Equipment Brand

The equipment manufacturers are justifiably proud of their brands. Many have been in the industry over 100 years and have made millions of furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps with the vast majority of them delivering safe, reliable heating and cooling performance for up to 20 years and more. They invest in building their brand name and reputation, just as you and I would if we were in their shoes. You certainly want to take advantage of your equipment’s brand recognition and reputation when selling to your customers. Just make sure that isn’t all you rely on to make the sale.

Here’s an example of what I mean. I recently listened to a salesman extolling the virtues of his company’s chosen brand of equipment (they sell only one brand). He had all kinds of good information and I could see the customer was impressed. I was expecting him to do the same good job explaining the importance and value of his company but in fact that story took a distant second place.

As some people will, this customer asked for time to think about it and they agreed to chat the next day. When the salesman called the customer said she had done some research and found a few bad reviews that caused her to be concerned about the product. His company on the other hand had excellent reviews and she wanted his company to install her new air conditioner but decided to wait until she could get more reassurance about the equipment.

The salesman had needlessly boxed himself in with his emphasis on product brand. Every brand of equipment has some disgruntled customers and the internet makes it easy to find those reviews.

Here’s how I recommend you position your equipment brand:

Any equipment manufacturer would love to have us sell their products. We’ve decided on the Binford brand because our installers and technicians tell us it well designed and dependable. We also get excellent support from the distributor and manufacturer should we need it. What’s actually more important is how the system is sized, designed, the materials that are used, the people who install them and the company that provides support after the sales. That’s where we truly excel. Does this sound like what you are looking for when making a decision like this?

In most cases this will be enough information about the brand. If the customer wants to talk more about it then blast away with all that you have.

Good Selling.

Other stories

Is this from the Same Company? – by Mark Sims

If a potential client was to get proposals to replace their furnace and air conditioner from two different sales people within your company, could they tell (other than the logo on the “quote form”) that it came from the same company? 

  • Would they receive a professional email appointment confirmation from both?
  • Would they see both sales people wearing a company logoed shirt and slipping on shoe covers before entering their home?
  • Would the products/systems and brands offered be the same? 
  • Would they be offered more than just one system choice to consider?
  • Would the proposal language be similar? 
  • Would offered price(s) be close to the same? 
  • Would both offer financing choices? 
  • Would each include optional products and upgrades for the client to consider? 
  • Would they hear the same company story about why they should buy from your company?
  • Would both proposals be completed and delivered while onsite with an attempt to close the sale?
  • Would they receive consistent follow up until they make a decision?
  • If sold, would the installation crew receive the same job information and documentation?
  • Would the outcome of the sales lead be documented?
  • Would a post-mortem be completed for completed job?

If you cannot answer yes to most of these, I would contend that you are in need of a structured and documented sales process.

Is having a consistent and well thought out sales process important?  Do you have the right to expect consistent results based on company goals and objectives and to know what is being presented at the kitchen table about the products you represent and your company?

There are a lot of ways to achieve an effective sales process.  The challenge is to not only create the elements of the process but to get buy-in by your entire organization so that is get consistently and uniformly used.  I have found the easiest way to get all team members to march in the same direction is to adopt a system that as the desired structure built in. 

TRUST PRO® online has this sales process structure built in with all the documentation needed to run a successful sales & marketing department.  To learn more click here to go to our website where you can click on any of the "Sign up for a free demo” banners.  Or if you like, contact me directly at or 612-284-5024 ext. 100.

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