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The Potter's Village - Newsletter

Welcome to the latest issue of the Potter's Village Newsletter.

Issue 1. 2019

In this Issue

Bigger Special Care Nursery!
Trustees Visit to PV
Harry Potter
New babies
Items to donate
Medical Centre - reorganisation
Christmas party
Please pray for us

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Bigger Special Care Nursery!

In recent months, the Medical Centre has seen an increased number of Neonates needing care in our Special Care Nursery.

Since August 2018, the numbers have been increasing and at the moment, we have 22 in patients. Due to this, we have run out of space and had to resort to putting make shift beds on tables we have on site. This increase has also led to shortage of staff and so, we had to borrow some staff from the other departments to help.

It was decided recently to move the Medical Centre around in order to make the Nursery bigger. Although it is sad to see so many tiny and fragile babies needing help, it is a privilege to be able to provide such high quality care and excellent facilities to give them the best possible chance of survival.

Trustees Visit to PV

In January this year, a group made up of supporters and Friends of Potter's Village Trustees, visited Kisoro.

The staff at PV want to thank the group for their visit because they did a great work in moving things and also fixing a lot of things. Some of the group were medical professionals and were able to help out in the Medical Centre and at Kisoro Hospital; others were provide practical DIY help.  It was also great to have the support from the UK and to spend time together.

Harry Potter

Potter's Village has recently seen the arrival of a new Guard Dog, who has been named Harry Potter!  We hope that he settles into live at PV and helps to look after compound. 



New babies

The recent arrivals at Potter's Village.

Olivia & Jennifer are twin sisters who were born at the end of October last year.  They were admitted to PV in December because their Mother died in hospital after suffering from a retained placenta. It is planned that the twins will be resettled to their Grandmother in June.

Gift was born in December 2018 and was admitted a few days after birth.  Sadly her Mother died during child birth because of a huge loss of blood.  The family is from Rwanda and the Father will come and visit Gift whilst she is at PV.  She will be then resettled with them when she is 6 months old.

Sarah was also born in December and came to PV at 1 month old.  Her Mother is a psychiatric patient. She could not breastfeed Sarah and it was found that she has abused her. The other family members decided to bring the child to Potter’s Village and admit the Mother for treatment. We are unsure at this time who Sarah will be resettled with

Shanitah was born in November last year and came to PV at about 3 months old.  Her Mother gave birth normally but after a month started suffering from pain all over her body and severe vomiting. She was rushed to the Hospital but they were unable to save her. Shanitah was brought to us in the Village and we are in touch with family regarding resettlement plans.

Francine was born in December and brought to PV six weeks later.  Her mother, also died because of sever bleeding after the birth.  Francine was given to her Aunt who also had a baby and she managed to Breastfeed them both for a month.  After that time the Aunt was struggling to care for both infants and so Francine was brought to PV.  The Social worker is following up the resettlement plan for this little one.

Jonah was born in Jan 2019 and was admitted a week or so later. This is a child that belongs to one of our staff members who died after the birth of her son.  Lydia suffered from Fibroids and although she sought treatment, she just became more ill after the birth.  All the staff were so saddened on hearing the news about Lydia.  Jonah will stay at PV as he is slightly premature. Everyone else is giving as much love as possible because this is like our own child.

Items to donate

There is always a need to send donated items out to PV.  Here are some of the current needs. 

  • Clean second hand terry or resuable nappies, both square and (more useful) the shaped ones that will do up without nappy pins.
  • Plastic pants to cover the terry nappies - all sizes up to 18 months
  • Clothes for prem babies such as babygros and vests, tiny cardigans and hats
  • Hand towels (always in short supply)
  • Pots of Sudacrem and Aqueous cream for the Medical Centre

If you feel you can donate any of these items, please either send them to PV directly, or contact Ruth 

Medical Centre - reorganisation

The Medical centre has seen a lot of reorganisation recently due to increases in the Special Care Nursery.  We thank Dr Nicci who has managed to fundraise for the changes being done in the Medical Centre.



Christmas party

We had Christmas party for the children and we had an education talk to the care givers about the children health and also keeping the children happy. Nurse Jovia helped in the educating the care givers with health issues, Winfred taught them about social issues and Henry taught them about Nutrition and all went well.

Please pray for us

As Potter's Village increases in size inevitably costs will also increase.  Please pray that we continue to find funding and support in order that we can continue to expand and save the lives of those who need us the most.

Give Thanks to God for:

  • The good reputation of the Medical Centre for its cleanliness and care
  • The continued good work of the Nutrition Unit in teaching mothers to feed their children well with what they have
  • The dedication of all our staff
  • For all the volunteers who support Potter's Village through prayer and practical assistance 
  • The numbers of lives saved through the existence of Potter's Village
  • The continued support of PV crisis centre. Our babies are growing well and the community support programme has helped a lot of households in Kisoro
  • We give thanks for the life of staff member and friend Lydia and we pray for her Son Jonah.

Please Pray for:

  • A long term foster family for Alex, who needs somebody special to care for him and his medical needs
  • Overseas Dr's willing to cover the Medical Centre work whilst Dr Daniel & Nicci have much deserved time off.
  • The new babies who have arrived at PV and their long term care
  • Staff in the Special Care Nursery as they cope with large number of vulnerable babies
  • Please pray for the changes and adaptations to the MC, that they go smoothly.
  • Nicci Maxwell as she continues her work both in the Diocese and at Potter's Village