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August 2020

Our Police Foundation Board of Directors

By Thomas F. Murphy, President

The Juno Beach Police Foundation has many wonderful supporters. Among the most dedicated supporters are those who serve as members of our Board of Directors.

Board members are essential to the civil law functions of the corporation but their contributions to the life of the community extends even further. As integral members of the Juno Beach community, Board members express concern for the total Town vision, mission, and organization. In addition, they provide invaluable feedback and guidance to the Chief of Police regarding safety, security and the overall quality of life in Juno Beach.

We extend our thanks to Ms. Amanda Goddard who has moved from Juno Beach and whose term on our Board has now ended. Two new Board members have recently joined the Foundation, Mr. Paul Rothstein and Ms. Denise Quimby. We look forward to their service and support.

A full list of Board members can be found at jbpf.info/board



Golf Car

In our recent newsletters, we wrote about two new vehicles that the Juno Beach Police Foundation has funded for our Police Department. The first of those was a 2020 EZ-Go Golf Car (left) which allows our Officers to be more closely integrated with the community, our residents, businesses, and visitors.

That vehicle was delivered and put into service back in May and is now being used by both our Police Officers as well as our Police Volunteers to patrol residential streets, the Pelican Lake and Kagan Park area, along Ocean Drive and at special events held in the Town. The golf car is "street legal" which means it can be used on all the roadways of Juno Beach where the speed limit is 35 MPH or less.

The second vehicle funded by the Police Foundation was a 2020 Polaris Ranger four-wheel drive all-terrain vehicle (right) specifically designed for use on the beaches and natural areas of the Town. That vehicle has now been delivered and was placed into service at the end of July. It too will be used by both our Police Officers and our Police Volunteers.

You will be seeing more frequent patrols by both our Police Officers and Police Volunteers on the beaches as well as the 569-acre Juno Dunes Natural Area which is often difficult to patrol with traditional Police vehicles.



Our Juno Beach Police Department is a shining example of how community policing should and does work.

CoffeeThe agency, under Chief of Police Brian Smith, has always believed in and prescribed to progressive and extensive training, especially in areas of use-of-force and dealing with critical incidents. The agency's training mentality includes extensive de-escalation training, less lethal force training, crisis intervention training, procedural justice training, human diversity training, cultural sensitivity training, fair and impartial policing training and much more. The agency does extensive background investigations on potential new hires, including psychological testing.

Juno Beach clearly has one of the finest Police Departments in South Florida and we are all very proud of our Officers.


Unfortunately, the ever popular “Coffee With A Cop” program that has taken place on the first Wednesday of every month continues to be temporarily halted. The monthly event, sponsored by the Town of Juno Beach, will hopefully resume soon.


The event typically brings out a large crowd of residents, business owners and interested parties to meet Chief of Police Brian Smith and many of his Officers and Volunteers.

The Chief updates the participants on recent crime statistics as well as areas of concern and answers the many questions that the attendees have. We hope to see this program restart in the not too distant future.


Our Juno Beach Police Department is forming a Volunteer Bike Patrol to help increase safety and community relations.

Coffee “The Volunteer Bike Patrol will be made up of individuals who are experienced cyclists and who have training in bicycle safety, bicycle education, and bicycle and pedestrian laws,” states Chief of Police Brian Smith.

“The purpose of this new unit will be to add yet another layer of Police presence on our bicycle and pedestrian pathways, in our residential neighborhoods, and our commercial areas.”

Bike Patrol volunteers will also be available to assist the public, provide education and safety information, and report suspicious activities or potential safety concerns to our Police Officers.

"The Department received a new bicycle as part of a traffic safety grant and we look forward to the increased visibility and patrol presence within the Town" said Chief Smith.


Over the past several weeks, local community members have been stopping by our Juno Beach Police Department with pizzas, baked goods, sandwiches, snacks and gift cards to show their support and say "Thank You" for keeping the community safe. Many have written notes and letters outlining the reasons why they value and respect the work the Juno Beach Police Officers do every day.

'Small gestures like these tend to really boost the morale of the Officers. Knowing that the community appreciates our efforts goes a long way" says Chief of Police Brian Smith. "Even just a friendly wave when a Police car drives by is a nice way to show that you care and are supportive of their efforts."

Police Officers don’t always get the respect and appreciation they deserve, but that's not the case in Juno Beach.

Thank You

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