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Success: Ecocide Convention to Enter the United Nations

Angolan Head of State

The United Nations is to discuss, approve and promote among the Member States an International Ecocide Convention, aiming to protect the Earth and its living species and hold legally accountable institutions, organisms, organisations and their leaders.

Angolan Head of State José Eduardo dos Santos is leading the call as well as tasking a team to draft proposals for incorporation of the law of Ecocide into his country’s legal system.
In the report it says: Ecocide is defined as the destruction or degradation of various ecosystems in a given territory through human action or others, putting at stake the full development of the resources by the population. But - and this is a big but. What I see is the co-opting of intrinsic values for corporate values. This wording has at its heart the development of resources. You can read Angola Press report here.

So our job is not yet done. This is a law that has been proposed to put the life of people and planet first, not to put the safeguard of profit and resource exploitation first.

Only by continually shining a light on the law of Ecocide can we ensure that the intent behind the law remains true. Can you help me do this?

WHAT YOU CAN DO: come join me to discuss in Stroud this Saturday 14th September. Starting at 10am, we have the whole day. Tickets are £10 in advance. Read more here




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