ICE apprehended hundreds of immigrants at Mississippi poultry plants on Wednesday evening, in the largest raid in over a decade.

Cutting down on immigration has been a defining goal of Trump’s presidency. But does the public feel as strongly?

Mariano Sana, a sociologist at Vanderbilt University, analyzed decades of opinion polls to find out. His surprising conclusion? Americans “have never felt warmer toward immigrants.

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Polls show that Americans feel more welcoming toward immigrants than they have in the past. Evgenia Parajanian/

Americans’ support for immigration is at record highs – but the government is out of sync with their views

Mariano Sana, Vanderbilt University

Americans have never felt warmer toward immigrants, nor have they ever been more supportive of immigration.

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"The political arena seems to have become especially fertile ground for warspeak. Otherwise boring legislative machinations have been energized with the drama of a life or death struggle. The Republican-controlled Senate uses a “nuclear option” to confirm judges."


The 'warspeak' permeating everyday language puts us all in the trenches


Robert Myers

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Robert Myers

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