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Rebuilding in Waverly Underway, and We Need Your Help!

Hope Force is into our third day of rebuilding efforts in Waverly, TN.  In this three week effort, we are doing electrical repairs, plumbing repairs, replacing the insulation and drywall, painting, flooring, trim, cabinets, and doors.  We are doing all of this on two houses right near each other.  

For our first three days, we have replaced much of the old wiring and some of the old plumbing, repaired rotted sub-floor, and prepped walls for insulation and sheetrock. Going forward, we have some more plumbing, wiring, prep for drywall, and tearing out old subfloor.  This coming Saturday (October 23rd) we are getting a delivery of over 100 sheets of sheetrock for both houses.  Beginning Monday, we will start insulating both houses and hanging drywall.  As we move toward the middle of the week, we hope to be finishing drywall (mudding/taping) and then painting and hopefully some flooring at the end of next week.  

Our final week, Nov 1-5, we will be installing all the cabinets, doors, trim, baseboard, finish electrical, and finish plumbing.  We really need your help, if you have expertise, or experience in any of these areas just listed, that would be amazing!  Even if you don't have experience, we still need willing hands to help and work alongside.


Electrical and Plumbing - October 18-23rd
Insulation and Drywall - October 24-30th
Cabinets, Doors, and Trim - October 31- November 5th

If you are interested, please contact Connie at deployment@hopeforce.org for more details.

We are also trying to raise the necessary funds to help Barry and his family, and Randy and Joanna get their homes put back together and liveable once again.  We ask you to prayerfully consider giving towards these wondeful families.

Come join us though working, praying, or giving as we take steps to serve these families who have been through so much!