National Coordination

Micah Global held our first National Coordinators workshop in the UK from the 8 to 12 August 2016. Of the 43 national Micah expressions, 14 Coordinators made it to the workshop. We were thrilled to have each one of course, but saddened that the others could not make it. Reasons varied:

• 9 visa denials by the British immigration
• 3 late visa applications which took more than 15 working days to get a reply from the British visa departments
• 3 coordinators facing health issues
• 5 coordinators with clashing commitments
• 4 coordinators where insufficient funding meant they could not attend
• 5 coordinators who did not engage at all

The visa denials have prompted us to decide to not hold any future international events in Europe and especially not in the UK after having been treated so appalling by visa application services.

A very big thank you to all our members who seeing the importance of this workshop got behind their national coordinators financially to enable their participation.

We had the following hoped for outcomes: Each national coordinator:

• to affirm the new Micah Global identity (vision and mission) and be equipped in applying a shared approach
• to be trained and equipped in the definition and practice of integral mission
• to be able to clearly state the relationship between Micah Global, Micah National Expression and the local church
• to develop and share their national context, to develop national strategies and plans for outworking the Micah vision in their country
• together to have agreed an advocacy theme and focus for Micah Global
• to build a supportive national, regional and global structure that enables a healthy and effective Micah movement.

At the end of the week we reviewed these and we pleased to report that all were met.

Advocacy Plan for Micah Global
Over the next 2 years Micah Global will develop an Integral Mission approach to the Sustainable Development Goals, creating resources for global, regional and national initiatives. We have names this God’s SDGs at present – but will work on the themes’ and titles in the coming weeks.

Micah Global’s campaign approach for 2016-2017 will be in cooperation with the Restorative Economy campaign being developed by Tearfund UK – more about this to follow.

Each National Micah Expression will develop their linked national strategies which will include:

Being a catalyst for integral mission, including enabling local churches to theologically and practically embrace integral mission. Development of a resource approach called TRAIN (Training Assistance in Integral Mission) will be made available to enhance this.

Integral Mission and Shalom: the 3 year thematic approach post the 2015 Global Consultation – which includes exploring and advocating for healing of divisions, reconciliation and being people of peace.

Hosting an annual Integral Mission Conversation

Finally, Micah Global will create and facilitate opportunities for member initiatives to be shared at national, regional and global levels, advocating for national coordinators to link up to initiatives that strengthen their own national strategies. For example the First Man Standing Campaign by Restored and the Urban Shalom Initiative by ISUM.

Practical next steps:
Micah Global will seek to appoint an advocacy coordinator to help with developing the capacities and outworking of national campaigns and initiatives.

As you can see, this was an exciting strategic leap forward.

Thanks to everyone for all you hard work and input. We look forward to the months ahead.

Sheryl Haw
International Director

SDGs - High Level Engagement

CIVICUS have developed a guide for how to engage with the UN and other high level policy makers when addressing the SDGs. The High Level Political Forum Guide (HLPF)

To download this guide see here.

Lazy Approach to SDGs

If you are finding the 17 goals too many to think about and too overwhelming to address - here is the UN Lazy Person's Guide to the SDGs.

Thanks to Katja Hofmeister of Micah Germany for sharing this link.

Micha Deutschland

Congratulations to Micah Germany who have achieved registered charity status. This is an important step for the organisation as they establish themselves and set up an office in Berlin to support the vision. The team is very active and passionate about helping Christians in Germany to build their voice and speak up for Shalom and the dignity and well-being of all people.

Upcoming events include:

Micah Action Week - The SDGs as a way to dignity: 10 -16 October

Micah Sunday: 16 October

Micah Network Germany meeting: 28 - 30th April 2017, Laurentius Church, Hagsfeld

Business as Mission

WEA Business and Ministry news have alerted us to 3 up and coming events and new resources:

European Econimic Summit: 7 to 9 September 2016 in Amsterdam.

Theme: Business and Economics Promoting Justice, Integrity and Human Flourishing. For more information see here

Business as Mission Conference: 10 September 2016 in Nürnberg

Theme: How can you bring business and mission together? For more information and to register see here.

The Resilient Buisness Report: The Resilient Business report is the fruit of a research project by the Jubilee Centre, together with Faith in Business and LICC (London Institute for Contemporary Christianity). For more information see here.

Resources from Faith2Share

Faith2Share is a relational Christian network connecting local and global mission movements, leaders and practitioners, equipping them to form collaborations that work effectively together to see faith changing lives all over the world.

Resources built up over the last few years are available for sharing and learning; See here for the list of resources.

Tearfund Resource - Integrating Advocacy into CCM

Many churches and organisations have found the Church and Community Mobilisation (CCM) process effective in their local communities. Building on this, Tearfund has recently launched an Advocacy Guide for those wanting to integrate local level advocacy into CCM. Click here to download the guide.

Translations into French, Spanish and Portuguese will be available by October.

Global Health Mission Africa Conference

Linked to the Lausanne Health in Mission Track.

Dates: 8 to 10 September 2016

Location: St Andrews Church, Nairobi, Kenya

To find our more and to register see here;


Thinking Theologically: Human Trafficing and Sexual Violence

Dates: 13th to 18th November 2016

Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

Host and facilitator: Tearfund UK

To find out more about this event and to register see here.

Vacancy: CEO Global Connections

Martin Lee has led Global Connections (a UK network working closely with Micah - (see joint Integral Mission Forum news here) brilliantly for many years, but he has now announced his intention to retire in July 2017.

Consequently the GC Board is seeking his successor and is in the process of promoting the opportunity. You can find more information, job description and application process on the Christian Vocations website The closing date for applications is 19th September.

Rise Up and Walk: Religion and Culture in Empowering the Poor

Rise Up and Walk

Wipf and Stock, Regnum Studies in Mission
Retail price US$48.00 
Web price US$38.40
ISBN: 9781498291330

From Micah’s President, Melba Maggay, comes this incisive new analysis, an exposé of the failures of the traditional modernizing approach to development and a call to reframe the empowerment process through the lens of religion and culture.

Looking at seven local organizations in the Philippines, Dr Maggay studies different approaches, pointing out their possibilities and limits, and argues for a central role for religion and culture in the process of mobilizing the poor and marginal groups. Only by celebrating their own culturally-grounded narrative and spirituality can people gain the confidence to grow and change. Becoming part of that narrative requires us as outsiders to enter the story of the people.

On every page the reader is struck by the wonderful combination of great spiritual gifts and deep practical wisdom. It is a combination which has grown from the soil of a life-long commitment with the cause of the poor, fed by a vivid interest in human culture, especially those Asian cultures which live now under the threat of alienation or elimination. Reading of this book is a must for all who are longing for more responsible social, economic and political developments.
Dr. Bob Goudzwaard, economist, former chair of ICCO, Netherlands and advisor to the World Council of Churches

Place your order at or through your local bookstore.

Diploma in Intercultural Mission

ProMETA offers accessible missiological training through their online courses. They run courses at Masters level in the areas of theology and leadership. 

They are offering an online Diploma in Intercultural Mission from 17th August to 11th October 2016. The course is targeting candidates missions, missions leaders and mobilizers, pastors and missionaries. 

Click here for more information and registration details.

Masters Degree in Theological Studies for Integral Mission

CETI is offering an introductory course for a Masters Degree in Theological Studies for Integral Mission from 22 August to 18 September. CETI is an interdisciplinary program of theological studies organized around the themes of society, work, family and church. It provides the students the opportunity to examine those areas of life in the light of the Word of God, church history, theology, and social sciences.

Click here for all the information and to register by August 21.


Wealth Creation: A Godly Gift and Command, By Mats Tunehag - Business as Mission

The Do Justice blog is sharing a series of letters on racial reconciliation being written by Rev. John Eigege to his church, New Life Christian Reformed Church.

Gender Equality

The 60th Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) was recently held. See full report here. A road map to enable the achievement of SDG 5 has been evolved labelled the 10 “I’s”:

1. Inspiration
2. Implementation
3. Indivisibility
4. Integration
5. Inclusion
6. Institutions
7. Investment
8. Information
9. Innovation
10. Impact

Tackling gender equality at government policy level is important. Tackling gender equality in our homes is essential. One of the biggest obstacles we face to address this is the “excuse” of culture.

Who defines and makes culture? Is it not people? Who decides what has value and what does not? Is it not you and I? More importantly whose guidance do we follow with regards to equality, humanity and worth? Is it not God’s? Therefore if our culture undermines and devalues women, then our culture has to change. We must let our culture be defined by God first and foremost, who not only made both men and women in his image, giving them join rulership, but through Christ redeemed their falleness and affirmed that in Him they are equal (Gal 3:28).

Sign up to the First Man Standing Campaign that gives helpful steps to do address inequality:

1. Respect all women everywhere and demonstrate love and support for women and children in your family

2. Challenge other men by speaking out to your friends and colleagues about ending violence and negative attitudes towards women.

Save the Dates

Micah Brazil: Following the recent launch of Micah Brazil, a Micah Congress is being planned for next year. 

Date: 27 to 29 June 2017

Location: Vitória, Espírito Santo

EAC: Disaster Ministry Conference: the Evangelical Alliance of the Caribbean, in cooperation with Micah Global.

Date: 31st January to 4th February 2017

Location: Piarco, Trinidad

Micah Global Consultation: the next triennial!

Dates: 10th to 14th September 2018

Location: Asia

Micah Events

At the heart of Micah are our National Micah Expressions. Each national expression seeks to create an annual platform for members and interest organisations to gather to learn and discusss together around issues of concern. For these events to take place, much hard work is required in preparing the content, planning the logistics and raising the funds to enable the event to take place.

These meetings,often called Integral Mission Conversations, are an exciting way for us to move our vision foward together. We invite all members to contribute their learning, their time, their resources and their commitment to ensure these not only take place but have inpiring impact for each nation.

Up and coming national conversations:

Nicaragua: 12th September

UK: 13th September

Kenya: 22nd to 23rd September

Cameroon: mobile day events around the country from 21st to 29th November

Russia: 24th to 27th November

Bangladesh: 24th to 27th November

Pakistan: 20th to 24th March 2017

Asia Regional Consultation: Integral Mission and the Common Good

Dates: 24 to 28 April 2017 (new dates!)

Location: Thailand

Micah in the News

Read through some of the news link where Micah actions are being reported on around the world:

USA: Engaging the Church in Global Justice#

Brazil: Integral Mission Conversation reported by Brazil, National Alliance