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When Reflux is More than a Nuisance

While most of us have experienced an occasional episode of acid reflux, for millions of Americans, reflux is more than just a nuisance. It can cause difficulty sleeping, asthma, chest pain, chronic cough, difficulty swallowing and even cancer. Doctors at The Nebraska Medical Center have perfected a minimally invasive anti-reflux surgery to relieve the symptoms of reflux. Read more.


Back-to-School Tips to Ease the Transition

Have your children had the proper physical exams and vaccinations?  Are they getting enough sleep and exercise?  Family Physician Amy Jespersen, MD, offers these tips to ease your children back into the new school year. Watch this video.


Choosing the Best Frozen Pizza Option

When you’re on the go, making healthy food choices is easier said than done. To minimize your fast-food stops, stock your freezer with healthy frozen food items that are quick and easy. Our Nutritionist, Sarah Tagel compares two frozen pizzas to determine which is the healthier of the two. Read Tagel’s blog.

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