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Stitching with Mom, my sewing mentor

Mom's prom dress

At STRUCTUREbags, I sew every stitch in my little in-home studio. But this venture would have never started if it weren’t for my mom – my only sewing teacher. So, to help celebrate Mother’s Day, I am proud to introduce you to my sewing mentor as she shares a little about her sewing background. Look at her shine in the prom dress she sewed!

STRUCTUREbags: Where did you first learn to sew?
Evelyn: I learned in junior high - every girl had to take home economics. The first thing we all made was an apron without using a pattern. It was blue and white stripes with a hint of green and we learned everything from sewing straps to topstitching. I used it for many, many years.

STRUCTUREbags: Why did you continue to sew?
Evelyn: It was for economics mostly, but even more than that I like showing off my work. Also, I am a short person and have trouble finding clothes that I didn’t have to alter. So, I figured, why not make it just the way I wanted?

STRUCTUREbags: What made learning to sew fun for you?
Evelyn: The more I sewed the better I got and, the better I got the more people would say it looked store bought.

STRUCTUREbags: Why did you share and teach your children to sew?
Evelyn: When my girls where young I did a lot of sewing for the fun of it. I made costumes, jeans, shirts, dresses and more.  By the time I had children I had been sewing for ten years.

STRUCTUREbags: Why do you continue to sew or why did you give it up?
Evelyn: I mostly gave it up once my children were gone because once they were gone there was less incentive. My girls loved when I sewed and it was a great motivator.

STRUCTUREbags: Are you happy with that choice?
Evelyn: I just finished a vest and really did enjoy the challenge, but it was out of necessity. I had been looking for a vest for more than two years to replace one I had been wearing way too long.

STRUCTUREbags: What do you appreciate about STRUCTUREbags?
Evelyn: All you have to do is see the end product - I don’t think I was ever that good.  STRUCTUREbags is one of the reasons I recently did some sewing.  STRUCTUREbags reminded me I really enjoy sewing.

STRUCTUREbags: What elements of STRUCTUREbags remind you of the time you and Brenda spent together sewing?
Evelyn: Her machine reminds of when her dad and I bought it for her. Her dad was so excited! When I see the end product I think, ‘That is my baby who made that.’ You always want your children to better than you and both my daughters are doing better.

STRUCTUREbags: What is you favorite product in the new STRUCTUREbags line?
Evelyn: I love the wristlets.  I am excited to see what is coming out in this summer. It’s not too much longer!

I have so many memories of watching and sewing with my mom. From matching sister bell-legged jumpsuits to a navy corduroy skirt and vest, my childhood was filled with lovingly made clothes. I still remember the day I wore my Wonder Woman costume to school - I was so proud. Thank you, Mom for sharing – I draw inspiration from these memories every time I enter the studio.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! Happy Mother's Day to every mom!

Mom's #1 Sewing Tip

Everything hinges on the cut – so make sure you have the best scissors you money can buy. Then, take your time and make a good cut!

Next week on the blog - other can't miss tips from this fantastic seamstress. Be sure to check it out and invite a friend or vow to teach a young one in your family. It is a life-long gift.

Inspiring images from Mom's sewing vault!

me as wonder woman
mom at zoo in jumper
dad's fav
mom's maternity wear