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ACAPTA - Australian Circus and Physical Theatre Association

Dont forget to register for our circus sesh - Friday 8th November 2013

Calling all circus or physical theatre performers, directors, riggers, techs, producers, managers, board members, administrators, researchers, CEOs, academics,  trainers, friends, policy makers and funding bodies?

Join us for the first-ever, no holds barred gathering of the Victorian Circus Arts sector.  BOOK NOW.  Head to our webpage for more details.

We think it’s important that all of our members come along to this sector meeting so in order to help those members that may be experiencing difficulty in paying the $35 registration fee, we are opening up a subsidised registration ballot for 5 independent members.

To apply, submit a short paragraph on why you would like to attend and what your presence will add to the meeting to Angela at admin@acapta.org.au before Friday 11th October. Chosen submissions will receive a discounted $20 registration to attend the Melbourne sector session on Friday 8th November.


What's on

ASORE – A Series Of Rare Events
[A4 Circus Ensemble]
Melbourne Fringe Festival

MELBOURNE FRINGE FESTIVAL: 1st to 5th October 2013

What series of rare events leads someone to a life in the circus? A4 Circus Ensemble explores this question by overlaying evocative vocal narration with mesmerizing acrobatics, foot-juggling and risely. Combining the tradition and grace of a 1920’s travelling circus with the sensuality of contemporary circus, Asoré invites you behind the curtain, where nothing is as glamorous as it seems.  MORE INFO...


…We Should Quit [Tom and Morgan]
Melbourne Fringe Festival

MELBOURNE FRINGE FESTIVAL: 1st to 5th October 2013

A physical comedy based in an office space. Imagine two cogs in the machine of an unknown corporation, whose lives are stuck in a rut and composed completely of daily routine. Thomas McDonald and Morgan Wilson go about their day procrastinating and in the end have accomplished only the most mundane of tasks. But suddenly when their routine is broken, chaos ensues. MORE INFO...


[Highwire Events & Entertainment]
Melbourne Fringe Festival

MELBOURNE FRINGE FESTIVAL: 1st to 5th October 2013

From high flying acrobats to saucy cigarette girls, death-defying balancing acts, stunning acrobatics and soul capturing melodies – step into the magical world of Papillon – a beautiful, funny, and entertaining show that will have you captivated from start to finish. MORE INFO...


Mullum Circus Festival 2013

Training Programme 30th September to 3rd October
Mullum Circus Festival 4th to 6th October

The Mullum Circus Festival, hosted by Spaghetti Circus in their 21st year, will take place in the stunning surrounds of Mullumbimby. At the foot of Mount Chincogan, nestled amongst the hills and a short hop to the beaches of Brunswick Heads and Byron Bay, you will find a place to exhale. MORE INFO...

Check out the latest NEWS from the Mullum Circus Festival.


Departure Lounge: Mullum Style

MULLUMBIMBY: 6th October 2013

Departure Lounge is a unique collection of Brisvegas and Sydney artists making work in the discomfort zone. Aerials! But there’s more – celebrating all things rotational, Departure Lounge is a languorous assortment of old school style and bespoke aerial ware. This is rough, loose and shonky. Nothing perfect here. MORE INFO...


Identite [Flipside Circus]

SUNSHINE COAST:  2nd to 4th October 2013

In their first Sunshine Coast performance, Flipside Circus presents a contemporary circus piece that explores identity, the innocence of youth and the questions we ask ourselves when growing up. Who am I? What do I want to be? Where will my identity take me?  MORE INFO...


Ladies Lounge Cabaret
[Vulcana Women's Circus]

BRISBANE: 6th October 2013

Vulcana’s next Ladies Lounge Cabaret will be a delightfully curious collection of performers and artists. Featuring talents from backgrounds, communities and artforms that are under-represented. Vulcana presents a collection of strange and wonderful oddities – including mid-air rollerskating, Coral Sea opera and the world’s smallest Tongan.  MORE INFO...



ALBURY: 10 & 11 October 7.30pm

The spectacular final year show from the 2013 Graduating students at the Flying Fruit Fly Circus. This show is a personal journey that will not only keep you on the edge of your seat but will inspire all young people to reach their full potential. MORE INFO...


Nest [Cirkidz]

BOWDEN: 9th to 13th October 2013

Nest features sixteen of the South Australian Circus Centre’s strongest, alongside emerging artists and composers, to question who we are and where we belong, to push their bodies and the boundaries of circus. MORE INFO...


Flipside Circus 15th Anniversary Gala

BRISBANE: 19 October 2013

On Saturday 19th October 2013 Flipside Circus is hosting its very own carnival themed 15th birthday party. There will be lots of great food and drinks, performances by past and present students and trainers, and a couple of not too boring speeches – we promise you heaps of circus and fun! MORE INFO...


A Small Prometheus by Stephanie Lake and Robin Fox [Arts House]

MELBOURNE: 15th to 20th October 2013

Two of Australia’s most exciting and uncompromising artists, Stephanie Lake and Robin Fox, explore human dynamics through the interaction between dancers, fire-driven kinetic sculptures and sound. A struck match is the impetus, opening up an enthralling world of darkness, light and the spark that mediates the two. MORE INFO...

ACAPTA would like to thank Arts House for their generous support of our recent fundraiser.


Brief Encounter [Kneehigh Theatre]
Melbourne Festival

MELBOURNE: 9th to 27th October 2013

Created by the award-winning Cornwall-based Kneehigh Theatre, prepare to be swept away by this heartwarming show: a marvel of unbridled joy, tempered by the heartache of love. A radiant adaptation of the classic 1945 film Brief Encounter, itself inspired by Coward’s Still Life stage play, this is the tale of a sudden romance that sparks, keenly and unexpectedly, in an unremarkable British railway tea room. MORE INFO...

ACAPTA would like to thank Melbourne Festival for their generous support of our recent fundraiser.


ROAM [Red Stitch Actors Theatre]

MELBOURNE: 11th October to 9th November 2013

Red Stitch Theatre presents the world premiere of ROAM from Australian playwright Adam Cass. Developed through the Red Stitch Writers program responsible for the award-winning productions Red Sky Morning and Stop. Rewind, ROAM is a chilling production that explores the seductive power of the digital world. MORE INFO...

ACAPTA would like to thank Red Stitch Actor's Theatre for their generous support of our recent fundraiser.





ACAPTA Fundraiser THANK YOU!!!

On behalf of the ACAPTA board and staff, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who was involved in our recent fundraiser. We didn't quite get the crowd numbers we had hoped for but what we lacked in quantity we certainly made up for in QUALITY!!

Thank you to all of the performers, behind the scenes crew, auction and raffle prize donors, people who made cash donations and to all the people who came along on the night. THANK YOU!

A very special mention to [in no particular order] Rockie Stone, Mitch Jones, Maude Davey, Clare Bartholomew and Daniel Tobias [Die Roten Punkte], Zoe Robbins and Kali Retallick [A4 Circus Ensemble], Kate Wright, Thomas McDonald and Morgan Wilson, Daniel Power, Anna Lumb and Gabi Barton, Stormy, Gina Gascoigne, Betty Siemers, Luth Wolff, Hemlock Mejarne, Alex Talamo [DIG Crew], Kathryn Niesche, Di Toulson, Jarrod Rose, Christy Flaws, Luke O'Connor and Ailsa Wild [Asking For Trouble], Elena Kirschbaum and Idris Stanton [Highwire Events & Entertainment], Circus Oz, Showtech Australia and Showtech Training Australia, NICA, Catapult Festival, Lorne Festival of Performing Arts, Melbourne Festival, Red Stitch Actors Theatre, Melbourne Theatre Company, Theatre Works and Arts House. Without you all, this community of ours wouldn't have the heart and sole that we all love so much.



Please fill out our Circus Remuneration and Other Benefits Surveys.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who has already filled out the Circus Remuneration Survey. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated!

Our aim is to capture a snapshot of the circus arts and physical theatre industry’s current remuneration position. We will use these results as a way of benchmarking and promoting improved remuneration across our particular sector. In order to get the most useful and accurate results for analysis, we need more statistics.

We have prepared two different Surveys, one for individuals who work predominantly as Freelance industry members and one for Organisations.  Click HERE to participate in the survey now.



The Flying Fruit Fly Circus take on Australia's Got Talent

Congratulations to the The Flying Fruit Fly Circus who got the party well and truly started with high hoops and uni-cycling monkeys – not to mention their human skipping rope!

To see the guys in action, head to the AGT website and search for the 'The Flying Fruit Fly Circus work the crowd' video [Finals Week 2]. You can also VOTE for the fruities via sms or calling [details on the AGT website]


Investing in Victoria’s dynamic arts organisations.

[Organisations Investment Program]

Congratulations to all of the successful Circus and Physical Theatre companies who received multi-year funding in Arts Victoria’s recently announced Organisations Investment Program [OIP].  Successful Established Organisations include Flying Fruit Fly Foundation, Snuff Puppets, Westside Circus and the Women's Circus. MORE INFO...


Casus picki up 2 awards during the Brighton Festival.

Congratulations to Casus who have just come to the end of their phenomenally successful and epic tour, having wowed audience across the globe. Knee Deep won 2 awards as part of the Brighton Festival (UK) . An Argus Angel Award for Artistic excellence and a ‘Latest Award’ for best International act. MORE INFO...


The Fruities head to the Sydney Opera House


After decades showcasing young emerging performers the Fruities will celebrate their 35th anniversary in 2014. Richard Hull, Executive Director of the Flying Fruit Fly Circus, is “thrilled to be bringing a new show to Sydney Opera House in our 35th anniversary year. This show celebrates our traditional circus roots and unique history of inspiring ordinary kids to do extraordinary things. It tells a beautifully simple story through the magical delights of circus and vaudeville, as reinterpreted for a contemporary audience by our highly skilled young performers. With a wonderful creative team led by Artistic Director Jodie Farrugia, it will appeal to children of all ages and the children in us all.” MORE INFO...


Westside Circus launch new performance troupe

Westside Circus is very excited to present their new performance ensemble – The Westside Circus Troupe, featuring the talents of workshop participants, trainers, emerging artists and other professionals associated with the company. Their debut show Travelling Light is a versatile performance that combines strong ensemble work and group acrobatics with high level circus skills such as “toss the girl”, hat juggling, club passing, adagio and manipulation. The sophisticated design by Emily Barrie mixes the dusty decadence of being lost at Hanging Rock with the eccentric styling of steam-punk to express the universal theme ‘arrival – new lands, new lives’.  MORE INFO...


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