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CIF Bulletin: Information Updates for Blue Box Recyclers

Blue Box recycling is a hot topic right now. With significant market shifts and a variety of policy and program initiatives in progress, the CIF’s goal is to keep you up to date about changes that may affect your program.

You can find out more about key projects and IPR/EPR developments in other provinces - be sure to join us for next week's Ontario Recycler Workshop - in person or online via webcast.
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Municipal Outreach Sessions: AMO and CIF on the Road

For the second year in a row, CIF and AMO staff has been travelling throughout the Province informing members about current issues and initiatives of consequence to municipalities.  The sessions are intended to provide feedback on how input from last year’s consultations was used to help inform AMO policy and the CIF 2013 workplan and budget, and the results of those efforts. The sessions are also intended to solicit input into 2014 priorities and issues for the two organizations.

Already more than 30 people have participated in sessions in London and Dryden. The next meeting takes place in Peel on April 24 and the final two are in Smiths Falls (May 23) and North Bay (May 27).

Valuable feedback has been provided
Participation in the sessions has been great with new attendees ranging from clerks and treasurers to program operators from large and small municipalities, and also including participants from last year’s sessions. Participants have shared candid views on issues such as:

  • Datacall - reducing/streamlining and/or harmonizing the Datacall process and questions
  • Metrics - selecting appropriate metrics for the Datacall
  • CIF - preferred sources of future funding for CIF and perspectives on its ongoing role/contribution to the Blue Box program
  • Best Practices – moving the ball forward in a practical and realistic manner.

These issues and many more are under discussion and this is your chance to share your views.

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For more information
Visit the Blue Box Consultation webpage or contact Alec Scott, MIPC Municipal Blue Box Coordinator/CIF Program Manager

Single vs. Dual Stream Recycling: Large Municipality Assessment

Questions continue to be raised about single vs. dual stream recycling in many communities. The CIF was approached by a number of municipalities last year to help separate fact from fiction on the topic and funded a review of the issue (CIF #716) which is now available on the CIF website.

The analysis, completed by HDR is based on a survey of selected North American programs combined with a review of Ontario Datacall results from several key programs. It covers system impacts from collection through to end markets, including also an analysis of participation and diversion rates.

Excellent analytical tools for your program development
The report is not intended to advocate for any particular program but rather to provide clarity around the pros and cons of the two systems and address some of the common misconceptions. If your program is wrestling with decisions concerning single vs. dual stream, this study provides a wealth of information to help frame your analysis. It also offers a selection of best practices markers for programs to consider as they make choices concerning program configuration.

Find out more
Report on Assessment of Single and Dual Stream Recycling

REOI: April 15 Inquiry Deadline Fast Approaching

Submissions for the 2013 REOI are due on Thursday, April 30. Already CIF staff members have spoken to dozens of potential applicants about their REOI concepts and program applications.

2013 REOI: April 30 Submission Date
The 2013 REOI offers nearly $12 million in funding for projects that address key priorities outlined in the CIF Operations Plan. This process provides a simple mechanism for municipalities to bring their ideas to the table and we welcome a chance to work with you on ways to improve your program and reduce costs.

Discuss Your Program Ideas With a CIF Staff Member
Next week's Ontario Recycler Workshop (ORW) offers an excellent opportunity to discuss your thoughts with CIF staff. If you can't attend the ORW, be sure to contact any one of us by phone or by email before the enquiry deadline of 4 p.m. on Monday, April 15.

For more information
View the REOI webpage or contact Alec Scott by phone: (705) 722-0225 or email