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November 2017







Public consultation on the draft Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Poultry ​is now open until Monday 26 February 2018. Animal Health Australia (AHA) encourages the community and interested parties to make a submission. Read more in our latest news below. 


The AHA Annual Report 2016-17 ​is available now. For the first time we have utilised an online format and a fresh new design. What a fantastic year we have had here, and we look forward to sharing this coming year with you all! You can read the report here​. 



The Sheepmeat Council of Australia (SCA) has transitioned to Sheep Producers Australia. AHA has worked with SCA for many years and I look forward to working with the organisation in its new format.

I’d also like to extend a big congratulations to Margo Andrae on her appointment as CEO of the Cattle Council of Australia. 


More info on both of these changes can be found in our latest news below.



​On Tuesday 21 November we caught up with some of our members for National Agriculture Day and had a good old Aussie BBQ to celebrate! A great afternoon of celebrating a fantastic initiative to recognise the importance of agriculture to Australia's economy and livelihood!


I hope you enjoy reading this month's edition of AHA Express


​Kathleen Plowman, CEO


latest news


Poultry welfare standards now open for public consultation


The community and interested parties can now have their say on the draft Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Poultry and the associated Regulation Impact Statement, with a 90-day public consultation commencing today. 

The draft standards mark a significant step forward in poultry welfare in Australia, moving from the existing voluntary system to national regulation.


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Cattle Council of Australia CEO Announced


Cattle Council of Australia, media release, 24 November 2017


As we close a successful Annual General Meeting week in Alice Springs Cattle Council of Australia is pleased to announce today that Margo Andrae has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer.


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 New industry peak organisation to lead sheep and lamb industry


Sheepmeat Council of Australia, media release, 16 November 2017


A new era of leadership in advocacy and governance for the sheep industry started yesterday as Sheep Producers Australia officially became the peak industry body for the nation’s sheep and lamb industry, replacing the former Sheepmeat Council of Australia.


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Monthly catch-up


This month we caught up with our Aquatic Biosecurity Liaison Officer, Helen Jenkins. Helen recently graduated from the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation Program and has some great insights to share from the experience.


What made you decide to join the program initially?

I had wanted to take part in this leadership program for many years. In the fishing industry it is held in high esteem and indeed a prestigious program. I was at a stage in my life where I was ready for a new opportunity and to take my leadership skills to a new level.


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aha and member news


Sheep Producers chief stands down


Annabelle Cleeland, The Land, 21 November 2017


After four years in the top position, Kat Giles has stepped down from chief executive of Sheep Producers Australia.


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CCEAD/NMG training has a fresh approach


Recently AHA conducted a new, refreshed and well received version of the National Management Group (NMG) and Consultative Committee Emergency Animal Disease (CCEAD) training.

On 19 and 22 September, AHA hosted the CCEAD/NMG training with a new approach and facilitator, and a new fictional scenario.


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WoolProducers Australia welcome new board members


Annabelle Cleeland, Queensland Country Life, 14 November 2017

South Australian woolgrower Richard Halliday has been reappointed to continue to captain the wool industry’s lobby group, WoolProducers Australia, with NSW woolgrower Ed Storey continuing as second in charge.

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Enright: LGAP “big change” and priority for livestock exporters


Colin Bettles, North Queensland Register, 23 November 2017


West Australian based director, farmer and former Grains Research and Development Corporation Chair Terry Enright is the new Chairman of LiveCorp and has two priority items in the sights of his new leadership agenda.


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Permanent APVMA CEO appointed


The Hon. Luke Hartsuyker MP, media release, 15 November 2017


Dr Chris Parker has been appointed the permanent CEO of the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).
Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Luke Hartsuyker, today announced the appointment, following a comprehensive, merit-based recruitment process.


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Calling all cattle producers!


Graham Centre for Agricultural Research, social media, 15 November 2017


Graham Centre researchers need your help in an online survey about animal health, management and biosecurity. The main research objectives are to enhance understanding of cattle producer characteristics and practices in relation to behaviour and attitude towards surveillance and to identify communication needs of cattle producers. 


Complete the survey here


What a great afternoon celebrating National Ag Day with staff and some of our members! An important day recognising the contribution agriculture makes to Australia.


Inaugural National Biosecurity Response Team induction


The inaugural induction of the new National Biosecurity Response Team (NBRT) was held in Brisbane, Queensland in October 2017. The NBRT are a group of trained and experienced personnel that may be deployed to assist a jurisdiction in response to biosecurity incidents. NBRT members are made up of personnel from government agencies with the knowledge, experience and training in emergency management, incident management or experience in responding to biosecurity incidents.


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Statistics: around the state


Agriculture Victoria, VetWatch newsletter, 6 November, 2017


There were 759 disease investigations recorded by Agriculture Victoria from 1 May 2017 to 31 August 2017, inclusive. 


To view the map and read a summary of investigations, as well as take a closer look at the disease investigations in your region click here




The November edition of the Farm Biosecurity e-newsletter is now available. This month features the following articles:



in the news


From racehorses to bananas: The importance of biosecurity


Andrew Robinson, University of Melbourne, blog post, 15 November 2017


Australia’s commitment to biosecurity makes us one of the few countries to remain free from the world’s most severe pests, weeds and diseases. But the price we pay is eternal vigilance


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Free resource - The Australian Farmer


The Australian Farmer is both a website and a digital book – a massive knowledge tool available free to farmers. It acknowledges their achievements, endurance, ingenuity and success in a country where the farmer and their work is increasingly remote from the majority of the populace.


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Funding for Women's Leadership Development: Farming and Agricultural Sectors


Women & Leadership Australia

All women currently employed in the Australian farming and agricultural sectors are invited to apply for a limited pool of scholarship funding that has been provisioned for participation in a range of leadership courses. Expressions of interest close Friday 15 December, 2017.


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Livestock Production Assurance accreditation: Clearer picture of animal treatment


Jamie-Lee Oldfield, The Weekly Times, 22 November 2017


On-farm biosecurity and animal welfare are now integrated into the Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) accreditation.
With the LPA having come into effect on1 October, producers will also now need to undertake an online assessment and pay a $66 fee for the accreditation every three years.


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Blue tongue virus: Gippsland cleared of cattle virus


Lyndal Reading, The Weekly Times, 22 November 2017


Gippsland farms have been cleared of blue tongue virus after cattle detected with virus antibodies last month were traced to the area. Victoria’s Chief Veterinary Officer Charles Milne said the original consignment of dairy cattle from NSW, which had signs of the blue tongue virus, was split with some going to Echuca and some going to Gippsland.


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Why you should care about the beef industry's new biosecurity strategy


Eric Barker, ABC Rural, 7 November 2017


Have you ever considered your weekend camping trip to be contributing to the risk of disease spreading through Australia's beef herd?​


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Happy bees are back in business throughout Queensland following recent rainfall


Lara Webster, Renee Cluff, ABC Rural, 7 November


Soaking spring rain in many parts of Queensland has spread some sunshine for beekeepers and their insects, following dry winter conditions which drained nectar and pollen supplies.​


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Feral photos reveal major pest and weed problems


Queensland Country Life, 22 November


Images of goats dancing on a Malleefowl nest, a red deer destroying a paperbark tree, and cats claw creeper engulfing trees have been named as the joint winners of the PestSmart Feral Photo competition.  ​


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Whole lot of bull: Brahman becomes the most expensive in Australian history with $325,000 sale


Lisa Herbert, ABC Rural, 1 November 2017


What would you do with $325,000?
A two-year-old Brahman bull has sold for that astronomical amount and set an Australian record at a Queensland auction.


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