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Leukaemia Foundation Connect Issue 3 2011

In this latest edition of Connect read about how you can help thousands of people across Queensland to raise awareness of blood cancer at our annual Light the Night walk. Also see how you can bid to buy a unique quilt featuring works by 30 of Australia’s top fashion designers. The Melbourne Cup season is also approaching, so check out where you can enjoy a fun day while raising much needed funds for the Leukaemia Foundation of Queensland.

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Light the Night
Thanks for knocking on doors!
Top designers join quilt project
Upcoming events

Light the Night

Please join us for our annual Light the Night walk at sunset Wednesday, 5 October at one of 12 locations across Queensland.

Registrations are now open at www.lightthenight.org.au so gather your friends, family and workmates and form a team for this free community event supporting blood cancer patients.

You can help create a beautiful sea of lights by lighting a coloured lantern and taking a leisurely walk with patients, their families and supporters.

  • White lanterns for blood cancer patients and survivors,
  • Blue for supporters, and
  • Gold for those remembering a loved one lost.

Prior to the walk, entertainment will be provided and guest speakers will share their inspirational stories.

Event details can be found at www.lightthenight.org.au.

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2011 Doorknock Appeal

Thanks for knocking on doors!

Thanks to those who volunteered to knock on more than 750,000 doors last month during the 2011 Doorknock Appeal. We are on track to raise $1.2 million! Thanks everyone – it was a huge effort. All money raised from the Doorknock Appeal helps us support patients and their families living with leukaemias, lymphomas, myeloma and related blood disorders.

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Top designers join quilt project

If you have ever wanted a fashion item designed by any of Australia’s top 30 designers, you now have a chance to buy something by all of them.

The Leukaemia Foundation of Queensland is having an online auction of a special hand-sewn quilt featuring 20cm x 20cm pieces created and donated by the 30 designers.

Not only does the auction give you a chance to secure a fantastic keepsake and a unique talking point for years to come, you’ll also be helping to support the work of the Leukaemia Foundation.

The auction is being run through e-bay.

Click here to visit the auction page for further details and to lodge your bid.

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Upcoming events

Over the coming months the Leukaemia Foundation has a range of events to take part in including Melbourne Cup fundraisers. Check out our upcoming events page to find an event near you.

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