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A Thought Leaders Connected interview from Mariyam Rawat on her journey through the PR landscape

Mariyam Rawat has manoeuvred her career from Science, in-house marketing to corporate consultancy (FTI Consulting) to management consulting with a Big 4.  Overly educated and frightfully brilliant, she shares her life lessons, challenges and advice.

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About Thought Leaders Connected

Thought Leaders Connected is a select group of senior communications leaders who want to; network, debate, share knowledge and learn from each other.

Through our own extensive network and connections, The Works' executive search team will facilitate and support the ongoing growth and development of this rather special group.

Get ready to contribute in our breakfast debates, be interviewed, give your opinions and network with like-minded, smart, senior people.

In addition we have a private Thought Leaders Connected LinkedIn group, where we welcome Heads, so feel free to join us.

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