November 3, 2014

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The Southern Delivery System (SDS) came at an opportune time for Israel Alarcon and Marc Sprague. Before the SDS project started, employment prospects looked bleak. Then, Israel and Marc’s fortunes turned around as they started to learn about opportunities with SDS and soon joined the team working on Juniper Pump Station at Pueblo Dam.

Marc, a Colorado Springs resident, was out of work and searching for employment prospects. Israel, a Pueblo native, was between jobs and hopeful he could find something soon to support his family. Both local workers found positions with Archer Western, the prime contractor building the three pump stations for SDS.

  “Every morning I wake up and I am happy to come to work,” Israel said (featured in photo above). He performs various construction duties at the site such as work on pipe installation, foundations, and concrete. He said employment with the project gives him and his family a sense of security and a hopeful future.

“I am thankful for SDS,” Marc added. He has been busy as a machine operator at the site. His proudest moments include helping with rock trenching and placing pipe into the ground running from Pueblo Dam to the pump station. He said the steady employment with Archer on SDS provides his family with the health insurance they needed.

Construction on SDS is more than a temporary job to hold them over for a couple years, the two said. The opportunity is helping Marc and Israel secure future employment, as the two plan to continue employment with Archer Western after SDS construction is complete.

The Southern Delivery System project is the largest construction project underway in the West and is a benefit to the local economy and workers. More than 400 workers are currently active on SDS construction sites, and SDS has provided Colorado companies more than $458 million in business from the project.


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