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Monday 27 March: get ready for healthier hives!

WiFi Hive Monitor Campaign Video

For the last couple months, we've been planning a WiFi-connected version of our popular Hive Strength Monitor, which tracks bee activity, hive humidity and temperature, and ambient temperature.

You get healthier bees, by staying
informed about your hive's well-being.

It's a great device for researchers, hobbyists, and pollination experts. But to eliminate the recurring cost of a satellite connection, many of you have asked if it can be connected to your home (or orchard) WiFi, and we've replied “watch this space”.

Well, it's happening. This Monday, 27 March we'll launch our crowdfunding campaign to make this happen.

We'd love your help! The crowdfunding campaign works both directions: please help us fund this project, and in return you get an amazing deal.

So book the date, and don't miss our earlybird pricing! (So low we'd be embarrassed to tell you. We'll let you know next week). And in the meantime, tell all your friends.

Did you know you could...

There are a bunch of nifty things you can do with our system (both the existing satellite version, and the upcoming WiFi version). We'll post some of them here over the next few weeks.

First up: did know you can lock the zoom and pan level of your hive graph at your preferred setting? Just look for the padlock icon at the bottom right of your hive's graph. Use the mouse or the +/- buttons to zoom and pan to just where you like it, and then click the padlock. Your graph will now stay put whenever you visit the page. To reset, just click the padlock to unlock and start again.

Image showing how to lock zoom and pan on graph

Stay tuned.

We'll be in touch with an update right before the campaign starts. All the best till then!