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A beautiful photo from Randwick Tree Walk for Tree Day 2015 when over 150 people walked together, beside our threatened trees, many now lost. 
These historic trees (on Wansey Rd, Randwick, near Alison Rd on Crown land) & others are now set to be removed from this Wednesday 27 January. 

Staying true 

to our trees & ourselves


  Keeping Randwick's Trees remains an independent community initiative that was created in response to the approved removal of over 400 trees in Randwick for a Light Rail that could have been designed otherwiseMany of our historic trees seen only as 'removable' were actually listed as 'exceptionally significant' (on both the local & metropolitan scales). This alone should have granted them protection, but it did not. 

  We sought to raise awareness & inspire positive engagement, encouraging people to express how much they loved life with our threatened trees. Now, after already having lost so much, there are touts about 'Greening Sydney's Light Rail route'. But unfortunately, they are disingenuous. Despite media attention and other recent community efforts, Transport Minister Andrew Constance is pressing on regardless. Others in power also refuse to stand up to him for our trees (as much as they might try to convince you otherwise).

We are losing our trees and all that comes with them. 
But we won't lose ourselves. 

  We are not buying into the quickly popular idea of a "war on trees. As heartbroken as we are, and as much as feel ignored & brushed aside, we just don’t agree that it is a constructive way to go about things. We believe that if we accuse “them” of declaring war, they’re only further encouraged to refer to people who care about trees as “Greenie-Nazis” among other things (and no, we couldn’t have made that up - our local government representative actually uttered that term). Wars only continue to divide. 

  In our minds, the “fight” is for the protection of established trees to enjoy its rightful place on the agenda, no matter what or whose agenda it is. But we urge you to stay true to yourselves. Do your own research, trust your own feelings & make up your own minds. Just remember that there are endless ways to be involved.


Keep in touch

This will probably be our last email newsletter. But you can use our Facebook platform to continue to communicate with us & each other. We will post updated information as we come across it, as well as our own perspective on the continuing loss of our local, urban forest canopy and how we may be able to encourage genuinely positive changes, now and into the future. 

Our interactive tree map will also stay up and running, if you want to express how you are feeling to our trees (even if they are no longer with us).


Photos: Alison Rd near Wansey Rd, July 2015 & January 2016.
13 trees were removed from this location between Christmas & NYE 2015, including 10 heritage trees of 'exceptional significance'. 

For your information 

  As always, you can express how you are feeling to the people responsible - visit, call, email. You can find their details here. Please continue to speak up for what you believe in - the right thing. That is an achievement in itself.

  Lastly, if you are interested in following others, we have been notified of a new Facebook group, Saving Sydney's Trees


Story in the Southern Courier, Tuesday 19th January, 2016

Helping our urban wildlife

Many have been contacting WIRES, concerned about the safety of birds and their nests in the next trees set to be removed.

Centennial Park's frontage on Alison Rd was cleared of 33 trees in the first week of January, and 13 trees were removed further along Alison Rd on the racecourse side between Christmas & New Year's Eve, but we know of only three baby kookaburras and one baby possum that were rescued. It is heart-breaking to realise that many others wouldn't have made it. 

If you know of any animals living in our threatened trees, please call WIRES on 1300 094 737 before construction begins in that area & they will try their best to send volunteers to help. 


From the petition still online at over 1,750 signatures. It continues to be ignored by the people responsible for the destruction of our trees & local environment, but it is encouraging to see what people have written about why they have signed.

Keep speaking for the trees.