Issue 19, June 2013

First off, let me start this issue of Connections by taking a moment to thank all of you who participated again this spring in the AMO/CIF joint outreach consultations.  I think I can safely speak for both organizations with I say that your involvement is invaluable. 

Over 110 people representing over 60 municipalities participated in five sessions across Ontario this spring. Your comments and input serve to guide AMO policy considerations, and CIF planning and priority development.  It’s an important opportunity for all of us to sit back and talk about what’s working and what isn’t. If the feedback we’ve received this year is any indication, then it certainly sounds like we’ve made great progress over the past several months and as always, there are opportunities for continuous improvement.

Here is a sample of some of the themes we heard in your comments.

There is continued support for CIF including:

  • There is continued support for CIF including:
    • ongoing support for the Centre of Excellence,
    • continued project funding, and
    • support for funding up to 5% of steward obligation.
  • Attendees found the 2013 REOI easier to understand, with simpler forms and with a focus on the right areas.
  • Participants appreciate the fact that AMO and CIF are visiting their parts of the province to find out more about local conditions and their day to day working environments.
  • There is a desire for CIF to develop more local working groups.
  • Participants voiced support to include the following in the 2014 budget:
    • province-wide P&E campaigns,
    • school curriculum & multi-language P&E,
    • more composition auditing, and
    • on-line training.

I will let you know when the 2008 to 2013 Review is available and as always, I welcome your thoughts, concerns and questions,


Mike Birett, CIF Program Director or 905-936-5661


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