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Could you help us turn the nectar to honey?

Today was supposed to be the last day of our crowdfunding campaign for the WiFi beehive monitor, and we have a ways to go. But all's not lost... we're passionate about beekeepers having valuable insights into their hives, so we've decided to extend the deadline by another month, giving this product the fighting chance it deserves.

We are only able to do this one time!

Which brings us back to you. Firstly, ongoing thanks to the loads of people that have pledged so far, shared, and come up with crazy ideas for us. Please keep at it!

Secondly, please help us some more. A quick Facebook or forum post of this link would be amazing:

Perks available for backers

$10 Vote
$12 External temperature sensor
$45 Just because I ♥ bees!
$142 Complete WiFi hive monitor (Saver)
$245 Complete WiFi hive monitor + dedicated support
$1270 10-pack at an amazing discount!
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Can I do even more?


If you're asking this question, we're happy to give you ideas of ways you can help. Reply to this email if you want more ideas.

If you can, please back our campaign. There's no limit to how many units you can order, so don't hold back.

If you think you can give us a good lead, a mutually beneficial partnership, or some extra promotion, you never know what could turn into the beginning of something great. So let us know!

Thank you,
The folks at Hivemind