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Making a habit of good investment decisions

Paul Gregory, Director of External Communications and Investor Capability


Good investment decisions are not just for Money Week.

It’s clear from responses to the various surveys, and our direct conversations with them, that New Zealanders’ inherent appetite for investment information and help has grown significantly.

A tipping point, where New Zealanders’ desire for knowledge translates to active choice, has not yet been reached. But it feels close.

Close, when we’ve asked New Zealanders if they want to see what their KiwiSaver fees cost them in dollars. Even closer in the past few weeks, when large numbers of New Zealanders have, probably for the first time, examined what they’re actually invested in.

The media has tried to raise awareness of ‘sinvestments’ before, without success. For some reason, this time it took off. We saw actual disruption, with KiwiSaver scheme providers changing products, or pressuring the providers of those products to change them. That was not in the shadow of a genuine regulatory threat. It was a consumer threat, and a largely nascent one, but clearly sufficiently compelling for the industry to respond.

To us this is a strong positive, and we’re neutral about the source: the $ sticker shock of fees; the stark contrast of a new market entrant; an allergic reaction to the previously unconsidered moral aspects of investments. Each prods New Zealanders to scrutinise their investments, query their providers, and take action if they don’t like what they see or hear (if their provider hasn’t acted first).

That’s where good investment decisions lie - when Money Week thinking and behaviours are habits, not a special effort.


Paul Gregory

Director of External Communications and Investor Capability

European Commission now recognises FMA’s oversight of auditors

The European Commission now recognises the New Zealand audit oversight regime as being equivalent to the European Union’s (EU) standards. This means NZ-regulated auditors can now operate in the EU. The European Commission’s recognition means the New Zealand systems of public oversight, quality assurance, investigation and penalties for auditors and audit firms are equivalent to that of EU members.


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30 September

AFAs must complete and submit their information return through our online system by Friday 30 September. Please check our website for more information. Read more ›

14 October

NZX’s review of corporate governance best practice code. The NZX has released a consultation paper seeking feedback on proposed updates to their corporate governance best practice code. This consultation follows an initial discussion paper released by NZX on 15 November 2015 to review the current code, which had not been updated since 2003. Submissions close on 14 October. Read more ›


31 October

Consultation on our guide to good conduct for financial service providers closes Monday 31 October.  Read more ›

Revised Code for AFAs from December

The revised Code of Professional Conduct for Authorised Financial Advisers (AFAs) has been approved by the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Paul Goldsmith. The updated Code comes into force on 1 December 2016.


Please note; due to the changes in the Code, particularly Code standards 8 and 9, the guidance note: Limited personalised advice will no longer apply from 1 December 2016.  We will archive this once the revised Code comes into effect on this date.



FAQs on the Financial Advisers Act review

Read the Ministry of Business Innovation and Enterprise’s FAQs to find out what will change with the FAA review being completed.



Understanding information on investment products

From 1 December, consumers will have easier-to-read investment product documents presented to them in place of lengthy disclosure documents.


We’ve prepared some information to help consumers understand some of the information found in product disclosure statements and fund updates.


Updates to policies

Coming soon


Look out for the KiwiSaver and FMA annual reports due out before the end of September.


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