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March 14


Queensland Seniors Week 2013 - Easy as 1,2,3

COTA Queensland has been appointed by the Queensland Government to support Seniors Week events and activities over the next three years. The theme for Seniors Week 2013 is Respect and Social Inclusion. The World Health Organisation acknowledges that 'respect and social inclusion' are key features of an age-friendly community. Active and involved seniors are less likely to experience social isolation and more likely to feel connected to their communities.

Becoming involved in Seniors Week is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1. Becoming a Partner
It costs nothing to become a Partner!  As a Partner, we can help you to publicise your Seniors Week Event with posters,  information, and the opportunity to apply for a Subsidy to help you to stage your Event.

Step 2. Registering your Event
Register all the Events your group or organisation will be holding to celebrate Seniors Week. When you have planned the Events you would like to hold between the 17th and 25th August 2013, complete the event registration form. This information will be used to promote your Event on our Seniors Week website and in the media. Remember, you can register as many Events as you like. Event registrations close Friday 2nd August 2013.

Step 3. Need a Subsidy?
A limited number of subsidies of up to $1000 are made available to encourage and facilitate groups to become involved in Seniors Week.  After reading the Guidelines, if you are eligible to apply for a 2013 Subsidy, complete the subsidy application form - include as much detail as possible about your event. The Subsidy is an especially good opportunity for groups new to Seniors Week to receive some assistance to hold their Event. Applications for subsidies close Friday 19 April 2013.

For further information, please contact Lisa Hodgkinson, COTA Queensland Information Officer, on 3316 2999 or 1300 738 348 (from a landline only), or email:

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COTA Queensland Pre-Budget Submission 2013-14

COTA Queensland has encouraged the Queensland Government to use Age-friendly criteria in its 2013-14 Budget, which will be handed down by the Treasurer on 4 June 2013. In his covering letter to the Premier, COTA Queensland's Chief Executive Mark Tucker-Evans, said "the pre-budget submission identifies a number of practical steps which we believe can improve the health, security and participation of all Queenslanders, particularly those older people experiencing social exclusion and isolation."

The Submission recommends the government:

1.Establish a properly funded Commissioner for Older People to assist the development of a whole of government Ageing Strategy.

2.Adopt the principles of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Age-friendly Cities and Communities Guide to enable Queensland to join the Global Age-friendly Network, and support local governments to achieve the same goal.

It also recommends some improvements in the Queensland Government's housing, transport and cost of living policies.

All recent COTA Queensland submissions are available online.

If you would like to suggest ideas or priorities for future submissions to state and local governments, please contact Mark Young, COTA Queensland policy officer, at:

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Take a Seat, Share your experience!

Community Care survey

COTA Queensland works with consumers, governments and non-government organisations to achieve the best outcomes for people as they age through community education, information and referral, research, policy development and advocacy.

Do you or someone you know receive help to live at home and/or participate in your community?

Share your experience by completing our Community Care survey.

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21 March - a Special Day!

Save the date March 21st is a special day!

Harmony Day

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

National Close the Gap Day

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Home Assist Secure

Home Assist Secure provides free information and referrals to people with a disability and seniors over 60 years about home maintenance, falls prevention, repairs, modifications, and home security. Subsidies for minor home maintenance, repairs and modifications that relate to health, safety and security are also available if you receive an Australian Government payment or allowance and cannot access other forms of assistance. Subsidies are not available for home maintenance work considered to be the responsibility of the property owner or other tenancy agreements.

For more information about how to apply, contact your local Home Assist Secure provider. The Home Assist Secure website has a providers list for Queensland.

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Useful Consumer Protection Links

Are you looking for some useful consumer protection links? Look no further. Listed below are a few links that may be of assistance.

Financial Ombudsman Service
Credit Ombudsman Service
Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman
Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland

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There's an app for that!

Cybersaftey Help button

Provides internet users, particularly children, young and older people, with easy online access to cybersafety information and assistance available in Australia.

Express Plus Seniors mobile app

Offers seniors a simple way to do their Centrelink business on the go using their mobile device. Connecting with Centrelink just got easier.

Harmony Day

Stay connected to Harmony Events.

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Blueprint for the future in Queensland healthcare

A new direction for health services across the State has been launched by Premier Campbell Newman and Health Minister Lawrence Springborg.

Mr Newman said the 48-page Blueprint for better healthcare in Queensland describes the Government’s plan to rebuild Queensland Health and re-establish the state’s healthcare system as a national pace-setter.

“The overall goal is to build health services and community confidence in partnerships across all health sectors and levels of Government,” Mr Springborg said.
The blueprint focuses on four principal themes:

  1. Health services focused on patients and people.
  2. Empowering the community and our health workforce.
  3. Providing Queenslanders with value in health services.
  4. Investing, innovating and planning for the future.

The blueprint for better healthcare in Queensland is available online.

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Stepping through the aged care maze (advertorial)

More and more Australians are facing the reality of finding aged care solutions for themselves or somebody in their family.

However, many people find this a daunting experience. Working out what level of care is required, finding, and then accessing it, can be a very confusing process.

This issue, and the knowledge that aged care impacts not only an older person’s physical health, but also their emotional wellbeing, their finances, and often their legal situation, prompted Heather Hill to co-found Heather Hill Pathways.

Heather Hill Pathways is a unique organisation that offers independent aged care advice and support to families. 

Heather, and her team of professionals, believe a lot of the distress families face can be prevented, if they have the right information and support early on in the process.

She is an experienced aged care nurse and supplies nurses to 150 aged care facilities in South East Queensland through her own aged care nursing agency.

Her qualified legal, financial, mediation and counselling team includes:
Brian Herd (legal professional)
Jeremy Gillman-Wells (financial professional)
Tom Stodulka (mediation professional)
Claudia Gibson (counselling professional).

Heather Hill Pathways helps families to make informed decisions about aged care, based on up-to-date information about all the options.

From immediate care needs to long term planning, the team explains the services, costs and benefits, giving families peace of mind about the choices they make.

For further information:

Phone: 1300 227 949 (24 hours, 7 days)



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  1. Queensland Seniors Week 2013 - Easy as 1,2,3
  2. COTA Queensland Pre-Budget Submission 2013-14
  3. Take a Seat, Share your experience!
  4. 21 March - a Special Day!
  5. Home Assist Secure
  6. Useful Consumer Protection Links
  7. There's an app for that!
  8. Blueprint for the future in Queensland healthcare
  9. Stepping through the aged care maze (advertorial)

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