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Volume 11 / January, 2012

welcome to modo's paperless car

2012… UN’s International Year of Co-operatives… Modo’s 15th birthday… and Modo’s phase out of trip logs!


That’s right, we’re goin’ high tech all the way. We’ve been testing the calibration of our vehicles, making sure each onboard computer accurately totals the number of kilometres per trip. We ran parallel data collection (comparing trip logs with onboard logs) for three months. It’s now accurate and ready to go!


Starting in February, over the course of a few weeks, Modo will eliminate trip logs from vehicles. The roll-out will happen by neighbourhood. On your Modo trips in February, check the driver’s side sun visor to see if a trip log book is present. If so, please continue to use the trip log as you normally would. If not, no need to record your kilometres.


Much of this e-news will be dedicated to describing some new processes with our “paperless” car, coming soon to your neighbourhood! Facebook Like Button

in this issue

paperless car - introducing the fuel card

paperless car - how to use the fuel card

paperless car - reporting damage

paperless car - submitting receipts

paperless car - the benefits

carsharing tip - the Vehicle Notes tab

modo moves

eliminating truck with tow hitch

welcome new directors!

modo shareholder 10,000

featured items

paperless car - introducing the fuel card

The fuel card is a credit card. It is supplied by ARI and MasterCard; these companies offer a high standard of security and convenience. The fuel card can be used at any gas station in Canada that accepts credit cards to purchase fuel. They cannot be used to purchase vacuuming, sandwiches, or other items from the gas station.


Modo regularly checks other vehicle-related supplies such as washer fluid or oil. You shouldn't have to purchase any yourself. If you discover that a fluid is low, please contact Modo.


If you’ll be traveling outside of Canada and need to purchase gas, please do so and Modo will reimburse you.


Each vehicle will be assigned a card. You’ll find it in one of the card slots of the pouch mounted near the ignition column. If the vehicle does not have a trip log book and you discover the fuel card is missing, please call Modo immediately to report this: 604.685.1393Facebook Like Button

the fuel card

paperless car - how to use the fuel card

The fuel card can be used like a credit card. At the pump, insert the card in the credit card slot when prompted. If asked to pre-authorize a fill-up, choose ‘Yes’. At some stations you may have to visit the cashier to authorize payment (for example, at Husky stations).


A transaction receipt is not required. Be sure to return the fuel card to the pouch. A fine of $25 may be charged if the card is not returned to the pouch and another member is inconvenienced.


If for some reason the fuel card is declined at the pump, first try paying inside the station with the cashier. If the card is still declined, please pay for the fuel yourself and Modo will reimburse you. And likewise, if you need to clean the vehicle, Modo will reimburse cleaning expenses. If you’d like a reminder of the process, see our Important Sheet.


To prevent theft, there are purchase limits on each card, and each card can only be used twice per day. We’ll also monitor all fuel purchases to make sure that no car is buying more fuel than it uses.

pay at the pump with the fuel card

paperless car - reporting damage

Pre- and post-trip vehicle inspections and damage reporting are mandatory.


If you notice damage that has not been previously marked with a clear sticker, you must phone Modo at 604.685.1393 (press 6 at the beginning of the greeting message) to report it.

report damage, unless marked with a clear sticker

paperless car - submitting receipts

If for some reason the fuel card is declined at the pump, please pay for the fuel and Modo will reimburse you. And if you need to clean the vehicle, Modo will reimburse cleaning expenses.


Please submit receipts within 30 days; the ink on receipts are vulnerable to fading away.


The receipts can be submitted to Modo by scanning or photographing them and emailing them to, by faxing them to our office at 604.685.1353, or by mailing them to Modo (postage will be reimbursed). Or drop them off at our office if you're in the downtown area; we love to say 'hi' to our members!

paperless car - the benefits

Filling out the trip log can be a minor hassle – especially when it’s dark out. In some vehicles, members had to put the key back in the ignition to read the odometer, and could drain the battery if they accidentally left the key there. We know Modo members are looking forward to seeing these issues eliminated.


Fuel cards should make fueling up vehicles more convenient for everyone. Having our members pay for fuel out-of-pocket created a level of inconvenience which meant that sometimes cars were left with less than a quarter tank of gas. We hope that the cards encourage members to fill up the tank every time it’s your turn, which means fewer trips to gas stations for everyone.


If you have any questions about the paperless car or Modo’s fuel cards, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone (604.685.1393) or email (

fuel cards and paperless car are good for carsharing

carsharing tip - the Vehicle Notes tab

A ‘Vehicle Notes’ tab appears in the booking screen when you view current or past bookings. Within this tab is a pink comment box where you can provide us with non-urgent feedback about the vehicle. For example, you can inform us of a missing floor mat or a found umbrella in the trunk.


This tab also provides access to an accident claim report, by clicking on the link "Were you in an accident during this booking?".

the Vehicle Notes tab in Engage

modo moves


NEW VEHICLE + NEW LOCATION at UBC Thunderbird Residence, a designated stall on Thunderbird Boulevard between Larkin Drive and West Mall, a 2011 blue Mazda 2 hatchback. The parking stall is shown in the photo on the right.


Vancouver – Downtown

LOCATION CLOSURE at Georgia + Richards due to the parking lot permanently closing. The 2007 silver Yaris sedan has moved to Stadium.


ADDITIONAL VEHICLE + LOCATION CHANGE at Stadium SkyTrain, a 2007 silve Yaris sedan and a 2011 green Mazda 2 hatchback now located in stalls at Beatty Street + Dunsmuir Street.


VEHICLE UPGRADE at Atira, a 2011 red Nissan Versa hatchback.


VEHICLE UPGRADE at Modo Office Parkade, a 2010 white Nissan Versa hatchback.


Vancouver – Kitsilano

VEHICLE UPGRADE at Connaught Park, a 2010 blue Nissan Cube hatchback.


Vancouver – Kerrisdale

VEHICLE UPGRADE at The Hollies, a 2007 black Nissan Versa hatchback.


Vancouver – Commercial Drive

LOCATION CHANGE: the 2010 blue Honda Insight hybrid at Astorino's has moved half a block to the east, in front of 1656 Adanac Street. The location is now Alma Blackwell's.


Vancouver – Renfrew + Collingwood

VEHICLE UPGRADE at Renfrew SkyTrain, a 2010 blue Ford Ranger truck.


Looking for more locations? Check out

Modo's designated stall at UBC Thunderbird Residence.

eliminating truck with tow hitch

Modo will be eliminating the one truck in our fleet equipped with a tow hitch. We expect to have this truck removed some time mid-February. The truck will be replaced, but not the tow hitch. This decision was made after much consideration of several factors, including safety and cost.


We regret the inconvenience that this may cause some of our members and understand that this decision may impact your decision to carshare with us. However we hope to continue to provide a great service for the majority of your carsharing needs!

welcome new directors!

Last Thursday marked Modo’s 15th annual general meeting of shareholding members. We were proud to share our positive results from our last fiscal year with a large turnout of members. Thank you to those who attended!


Four positions for our Board of Directors were open for election. Congratulations Charlotte Argue, Art Blundell, and Gregory Freeman, our newest board members! And congratulations Alan Woodland for your re-election.


A shout-out of thanks to Amy Walker, our guest speaker, for an engaging discussion about transportation consciousness.

modo shareholder 10,000

On January 20, 2012, Modo welcomed our ten thousandth shareholding member to the co-op. When asked why he joined Modo, our auspicious member said it was for the convenient locations and access to a variety of vehicles. Read more about it here. Facebook Like Button

member ten K

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