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Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies  
3 July 2012

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Members' Report #2/2012 - Generation Y

The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies dedicates this members’ report to the generation that looked like it would get it all, but today is talked about as Generation Lost or the Outcast Generation.

We take a look at Generation Y, which with Generation Z snapping at its heels, will become the future work force. During the next ten years, the generation will at many levels change our organisations and ways of working.

SCENARIO 04:2012 out now

Our cover girl is Sara Naseri who at the age of just 16, had an idea that could change the world. Now she works with scientists and travels around the world as the CEO of her own company. Her story is about creative talent, ambitions and the persistence to get to the top as a global entrepreneur.

We also cover the rising of a political monster: A German Europe - presented by the well known German sociologist Prof. Dr. Ulrich Beck.

Read appetisers for both articles.

Backstage Innovation workshop

Limited number of seats left

Backstage and Roskilde Festival, in cooperation with Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies and Center for Culture and Experience Economy, invite you to the workshop Backstage Innovation.

Among other speakers, director of Research at the Institute Carsten Beck will talk about Innovation in an ephemeral future.

Trends in bits

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Members' report #2/2012 - Generation Y out now!

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