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November 2011 newsletter

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Why lasting safety culture change comes from within

Human figures stood up in front of an audience

Let’s face it: no one looks forward to tackling unsafe behaviour with their workmates. It’s a daunting task. Particularly if you’re the person in charge of it; as Julie Pollard, behavioural safety lead trainer at Fox’s Biscuits, reveals:

"I’ve always thought of myself as outgoing and not scared of anything. But when you’re put in front of colleagues... people you work with everyday, it’s different. You wonder what they think. Your adrenaline’s going... you don’t want to mess up."

Since 2009, Julie and six other behavioural safety trainers at Fox’s Biscuits have coached over 1200 of their workmates at two sites and brought a 69% reduction in the number of accidents.

Julie also works alongside the people she’s training, some she’s known for over 25 years. And that’s enough to throw anyone's confidence:

"You’re nervous that they’re thinking ‘What gives you the right to tell us about safety?’"

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