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Newsletter 11 - 16 June 2017

From The Principal

Our world is rapidly changing. At Subiaco Primary we continue to reshape our school to prepare your child for the 21st Century with a focus on the four Cs (Critical thinking, effective Communication, Collaboration and Creativity).

Our teachers work in teams to develop year level plans and assessment tasks and moderate across like years to determine grades. Learning is active and linked with the real world. There is a focus on higher order and critical and creative thinking and using technologies to connect and create. 

Our Year 1 to Year 6 students are having a ball engaging in the Drama and Improvisation in Residence program while learning valuable skills. More information about this program below.

Drama And Improvisation In Residence

Hi! I'm Esther the artist in residence this term at Subi!

I’m really excited to be back in the school teaching drama through improvisation.

The program runs for 4 weeks and we are just about halfway through.
Here is a snapshot of what we have been up to.

In the lower school, we are practising saying yes to each other, and then building the ideas up with our own contribution. This requires focused and generous listening and the kids have been working hard in small and large groups to say “yes and…” to other’s ideas.

In the upper school, as well as positive story building, we have been practising risk taking and a willingness to fail along with sharing stories of growth and learning that have come out of failure. This week, the Year 5’s and 6’s had a lunchtime visit from some actors who improvised scenes based on the students ideas. The kids gave great suggestions and are now practicing the same exercises in our sessions.

Parent Invite Final Improvisation Session

We are inviting parents to come along to the undercover area and view their childs' final improvisation session in Week 10. The final days and times are:


Tues 27/6

Wed 28/6

Thu 29/6

Fri 30/6






Year 3 M3

Year 2 M2

Year 1 L5

Year 1 L9

Year 1 L6

Year 6 U8

Year 6 U7

Year 5 U3

Year 5 U5

Year 3 T1


Year 4 U2

Year 4 U6

Year 4 U1

Year 3 M4


Year 2 L1

Year 2 L2

Year 2 M1

Year 1 L3


Tax Deductible Donations

Thank you to all the parents who have kindly donated to the school building fund in past years. In 2016 we received over $7 000 from generous families who donated money. The money was spent on a much needed carpet upgrade in the music room. This year we are hoping to raise enough money to install ceiling fans in rooms that don’t have them. If you would like to make a donation before the end of the financial year click HERE to make an online donation. Alternatively, to use the paper-based donation form click HERE.

Uniform Shop News

Additional Opening Hours
The Uniform Shop will now also be open on a Thursday afternoon each week from 2:30 - 3.00 pm.

This time is offered for parents to complete uniform purchases before students are picked up from school.

Uniform orders can also be placed online via the school's website. 
Online orders are filled on Monday and Tuesday mornings, and Thursday afternoons for delivery to your child's classroom.

Rain Jackets
For this winter season the uniform shop has secured a limited number of rain jackets in our school colour.
July is on average the wettest month in Perth. So get ready for the rain and keep your child dry while travelling to & from school.

Waterproof Nylon - Hood can be concealed in collar - Vented back with mesh lining
Elastic cuffs and waist draw cord - Can wrap up into a self contained bag.

Cost $16 and will be available in the last week of term. 

A sample jacket is available in the uniform shop for viewing.

Dress Code

It is important that all children adhere to the school dress code. We are seeing an increased number of junior primary students wearing different coloured jumpers and tights. The uniform shop is stocked with girls’ tights, long pants and fleecy zip jackets. All parents are encouraged to visit the uniform shop or complete an online order to ensure all children are in full school uniform.

State Government Announcement

The State Government has announced its decision to build a new local intake secondary school, Inner City College (planning name), on Kitchener Park in Subiaco.

The inner city has been identified as the best location for a new school as it is at the heart of the population growth in this area.

The new school will have world class facilities for students from Years 7 to 12 and be built for 2000 students to ease student enrolment pressures at several schools in the inner and western suburbs. Inner City College will also have a Gifted and Talented academic program.

The announcement means the local intake areas for Churchlands Senior High School, Mount Lawley Senior High School and Shenton College have been amended to create a local intake area for the new Inner City College. These will be released shortly and will come into effect from the start of 2020, when Inner City College opens with its first cohort of Year 7 students. 

I would like to reassure you that if your child is enrolled at their local secondary school in 2019, they will be able to complete their schooling there. They will not have to change schools.

Additionally, if you currently live within a school’s local intake area and your local intake area changes to Inner City College you will have the choice to enrol your children at your current local intake school or Inner City College.

Further information is on the Department’s website at

CLP Meeting

At the last CLP meeting, Andrew Angel talked about the music program and links with using technology. Lisa gave an update from the uniform shop and the parents had fun participating in some improvisation games with Esther.

Carpark Safety

For the safety of all children please do not pull into the school driveway and reverse out. There could be children walking behind your car. During school hours the car park is not a drop off or pick up area.


This term the Year 2’s started the BUZ Friends Program. We’ve been discussing our strengths and things we are good at.  We’ve also been learning about what makes a good friend and how to make a new friend using the SNACK method.

S  Smile – make contact with a smile
N  Name – ask their name
A  Ask – ask them if they want to play
C  Care – build trust and co-operation
K  Keep – working on building your friendship

Honour Awards

James Martin
Angie Suizu
Ben Scampoli
Lamar Abdulrahman
Siobhan Clarke
Naomi Hara
Tadiwanashe  Mahati
Charlotte Coffey
Shiloh Tapping
Jhih Stamp
James Stephan
Bowie Abbott
Archie Harray


Sacha Mainra
Miles Aitken
Laura Rutherford
Dominic Mountford
Lennart Huber
Jeremy George
Erica Blain
Sophia Nattrass
Annabel Rembalski
Lucy James
Sophia Son
Alice Mountford
Sophia Yap


Pierre Mondain
Nivya Gehlot
Derartu Lindsay
Emma Cass
Oliver Poot
Conor Donnetti
Claire Sherrington
Alessandra Battaglia
Noah Cheong
Miles Cass
Yuno Jang
Emma Keyes

Social Justice Group

This year the Social Justice Group will be fundraising and supporting La Grange Community School, in the Bidyadanga Aboriginal Community, in the Kimberley region on Karajarri country south of Broome.
This term we will be inviting the school community to join in with the 5 Cent Coin Challenge. Each class has been given a jar, and students are encouraged to collect as many 5 cent pieces as they can to fill the jar during weeks 8 and 9. The winning class will be given a voucher for a FREE yoghurt, with toppings, which has been donated by our friends at Verde Brio on Rokeby Road, Subiaco.
The funds raised will help supply La Grange Community School with new wide brim hats and drink bottles for each student.

School Tour For Prospective Kindy Parents

We are conducting a tour on Thursday 22 June at 9.00am for prospective new Kindy parents. Interested parents can meet in the administration foyer.

Parents can apply to enrol their children for Kindergarten in 2018 if they were born between 1 July 2013 and 30 June 2014. For more information on Kindergarten enrolments contact the front office on 9381 5078. Kindergarten applications close at 3.00pm on Friday 21 July 2017.

RAC Little Legends Club

The RAC Little Legends Club is a free and exciting new program designed to help children learn all about bicycle, pedestrian and passenger safety. Learning is fun and it's also aligned to the Western Australian curriculum!

Once students join they will receive their very own membership pack and access to great benefits and discounts on heaps of fun stuff! 

To sign up or for more information visit

Site Works July Holidays

For the duration of the July school holidays (Mon 3 July - Sun 16 July) the whole school site will be shut down to allow for some major works to take place. A metre wide open trench, for pipes and cabling, will run from the front of the school, through the car park, down to and across the school oval. All external gates will be locked and additional internal fencing will be erected. The oval, car parks, buildings and playgrounds, including the Blackies, will not be available to staff, school families, the general community and the Subiaco Farmer’s Market for the duration of the works. McCorkell, the building company, will be monitoring the site, erect fencing and post signage. The SCC will continue to run a holiday program from the L11 Pre Primary site off Hamersley Road.

For Your Diary

Term Planner
Click HERE to view the term planner.

Assembly Timetable Term 2
Week 10, 29/6 - L3 Year 1 Mrs Mitchinson/Maroni

For the complete 2017 Assembly Timetable please click HERE.

School Development Days In 2017
The following School Development days have been ratified by the School Board.
Term 3:     Monday 17 July – Day 1 of Term 3
Term 4:     Monday 9 October – Day 1 of Term 4

Winter Carnival Year 5/6 Thursday 29 June
All day carnival. Feel free to come and watch your child compete in their choice of sport. This is always a fantastic day even if you can only get down for one or two games. Click HERE for the finals Winter Carnival Fixtures

Term 3 Sporting Dates
School Cross Country August 4
Interschool Cross Country August 18
School Athletics Carnival September 8

Interschool Athletics Carnival
Day 1 Mon 18 September Karriynup Primary School (Throws, 400m/800m, Long Jump)
Day 2 Wed 20 September McLean Oval Floreat (Sprints & Team Games)

From the School Psychologist

I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship. – Louisa May Alcott (Little Women)

Resilience can be described as the ability to adapt to life’s disappointments and challenges, and, navigating through these difficulties using positive strategies and healthy coping skills. Being resilient allows a person to bounce back from adversity, maintaining well-being.

The linked article, Learning to Keep a Balance (from KidsMatter), can help you with some useful information on coping skills for children to learn to deal with conflicts, disappointments and frustrations.


Safety First in Pre-primary
In Mrs Whitney’s and Mrs Thornett’s Pre-primary health classes the students have been discussing and learning about Road Safety. This week the children brought their scoters and helmets to school so that they could apply some of their new knowledge.
The Pre-primary Road Safety Day consisted of the children participating in two different obstacle courses. The first course focused on the children’s gross motor and coordination skills when using a scooter. In this course they had to balance on a rope, weave through cones and problem solve how they would get themselves and their scooter under a bridge. The second course firmly focused on the road safety rules such as adhering to different traffic signs and signals, keeping to the left hand side of the road and being aware of pedestrians.
In week nine the students will also have a visit from Subiaco school’s cross walk lady where she will also address and reinforce road safety rules. To see some photos click HERE.

News in L5
The children in L5 made a puppet insect at home and explained how they made it for news.  Click HERE to take a look at the snail, butterfly and scorpion that some children made.

Schoolyard Safari in Year 1 L6
Schoolyard Safari is our biological science topic for this term. In L6, we have been learning all about vertebrates and invertebrates to help us better understand how they adapt and survive in their different habitats. We investigated how animals move, feed and protect themselves. Then we each chose our favourite minibeast and researched interesting facts about it using non-fiction books and Google Junior. Did you know that slugs have four noses and some worms have ten hearts?  Click HERE to see some photos.

Unplugged Coding in L9
In L9 we have been doing some Unplugged Coding!  Learning to code prepares children for the world we live in today.  Coding starts with understanding and constructing patterns, algorithms and giving and following instructions. Have a look at our family houses and see if you can crack our code! Click HERE for photos.

Year 2 History
As part of the Year 2 History unit, students in M1 watched a video about Australian plants and how Aboriginal people used them for food, medicine, clothing, and for making things. To see the some work samples click HERE.

STEM in L1 and L2 
We have been having loads of fun in STEM this term. So far we have made bridges, cranes and marble mazes. We have been working collaboratively to complete these projects all the while using recycled objects! 
Check out the photos HERE and have a look at the Year 6’s trying to complete some of our marble mazes.

Playground Designs
Click HERE to take a look at the amazing playground designs by some of our Year 6 U8 students.

Australian Curriculum Expected Standards

All teachers from Pre Primary (Foundation) to Year 6 follow the Australian Curriculum and report against the Australian Curriculum Achievement Standard.  The Achievement Standard describes the expected achievement for students who have been taught the curriculum content for the full year of schooling.

In mid-year reports, teachers make a professional judgement regarding the level of achievement that the student is demonstrating relative to the achievement standard, taking into account the curriculum that has been taught and assessed to that point in time. Thus, students demonstrating excellent achievement would be allocated an A grade, students demonstrating satisfactory achievement would be allocated a C grade.  Satisfactory or C is the expected standard.

All teachers at Subiaco Primary collaborate with year level colleagues to examine student work samples and discuss collaborative assessment tasks to assist in determining allocation of grades for semester reports. Together, the description of the achievement standard and the on line work samples help teachers to make informed judgements about whether students have achieved the standard.

Teachers continue to use a range and variety of assessment information collected throughout the year to determine a final grade for the purpose of reporting to parents. If you have any questions please see your child’s classroom teacher.
Click the following links to read the Achievement Standards for Pre Primary (Foundation) to Year 6.

Foundation (PP)    Year 1    Year 2    Year 3    Year 4    Year 5    Year 6

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Updating School Records
If your address, telephone number or email address has changed, please contact the school office.

Student Absences
Please be aware that a note of explanation is required for all student absences.

The final newsletter for this term will be sent on Friday 30 June. Hard copies are available at the front office or can be viewed on our website at

Arrival at school
Please try to ensure that students do not arrive at school prior to 8.30am as no teacher supervision is in place. Students arriving before 8.30am are reminded of the need to assemble, with bags, on the stairs outside the staff room, until dismissed at 8.30am. Thank you for your support. 

E News

Paddock to Plate Minus The Plastic - Waste Free Talk and Tour
Want to reduce your plastic use? We’ve all seen the alarming images of plastics clogging our oceans – much of which is single-use. But what can we do about it?

Join us on Saturday 1 July for an interactive waste free shopping tour of the Subiaco Farmers Market to see how to shop from paddock to plate without the pesky plastic. We will also hear from local zero waste champion Lindsay Miles to discover her secrets to plastic free living.
(Plastic free) morning tea provided.

The first 20 who RSVP will receive a complimentary Onya produce bag set - never use a plastic bag again!

This event is presented by The City of Subiaco and Plastic Free July with support from Subiaco Farmers Markets and Subiaco Primary School.

Community News

Subiaco Mobile Dental Van
Our emergency cover whilst we are closed for the holidays
Week one: Tuart Hill Dental Therapy Ph:93441585
Week two:  Roseworth  Dental Therapy Ph:93424557
The Mobile re-opens 17/07/2017 (Monday) and we are still at Nedlands Primary School till 27/07/2017

Click HERE to check out the Community News for local news, information and events including school holiday activities.

Subi Farmers Market

 Click HERE for the latest Farmers market newsletter, HERE for their website and HERE for the Market's Facebook page