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FORMAGLINI TRADITIONS - Our New Private Dinner Event

Italians do it right -- though I'm a bit biased.  A meal isn't chowed down on the run.  Italian meals are an appreciated, artful experience.  They are thoughtfully prepared with heart, they are savored around one table, and they are paired with lively conversation and delicious wine. 

As is our tradition, we are hosting our annual vintage launch party this October for the 2015 Formaglini wines.  However, prior to this, we want to take the Formaglini experience a bit deeper and more intimate.  We want to share that unique flow and connectedness of a true Italian meal with youWe invite you to join us for our new exclusive dinner event honoring this Italian meal tradition of phenomenal food, great company, and delicious wine.

Formaglini Traditions Dinner:   Saturday, September 23, 2017 from 6:00-9:00pm at our home in historic Floral Park - 2110 N Ross St, Santa Ana, CA.

Anya has already begun planning the four courses for this special night, which will be kicked off with apertivo sparkling wine.  I'll be pulling from my private wine cellar for the perfect Italian white wines before we begin pouring the Formaglini Vineyards 2013 and 2014 Estate Pinot Noirs.  As well, I am very excited to pour at this private dinner the not yet released 2015 Formaglini Pinot Noir and the 2015 Formaglini Insieme Cuvee.  Uncorking our new 2015 vintage wines at this special Formaglini Traditions Dinner in my own backyard is this Winegrower's dream.  We'll complete the evening with a digestivo and caffe under the stars. 

Seating for this intimate al fresco dinner is extremely limited.  $125 per person.   Please email info@formaglinivineyards.com to reserve your participation in our special, private Formaglini Traditions Dinner.

"Eating together is a magical moment through which the beautiful reaches the sublime, and friendship turns into a rare form of intimacy."


SAVE THE DATE -- Sunday, October 22 -- Formaglini Vintage 2015 Launch Party!