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Grand Valley State University

A Message from the Dean

George Grant, Jr.

Welcome to CCPS!

As the Dean of the College of Community and Public Service (CCPS), I would like to personally thank you for your interest in one of our many academic programs offered across this college. In addition to exploring the exceptional academic programs the CCPS offers, I would also like to invite you to appreciate the wide array of services in place to support students’ successful advancement (e.g., professional advisors, writing and mathematical tutoring centers, student organizations and clubs). The CCPS is a community of professional scholars and lifelong learners – faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students – who value the educated mind, seek valuable learning experiences, strive for excellence, and are enthusiastic to give back to society.

CCPS scholars and dedicated faculty work persistently to deliver curriculum and high-impact learning experiences that connect classroom theories and lessons to expert career paths. Students who study in the CCPS are not only provided the opportunity to develop competencies that will prepare them for their professional futures, but are also afforded opportunities to engage and build their own intellectual learning experiences.

I hope you enjoy your time in the College of Community and Public Service. Together with our faculty and staff members, I welcome you to the college where students establish meaningful careers building vibrant communities.

Dr. George Grant, Jr.
Dean, College of Community & Public Service

Welcome to Your First Year at GVSU!

Jennifer McCaul

I would like to welcome you to Grand Valley State University and the College of Community & Public Service!

The College works to support our student's success through the services offered by the CCPS Undergraduate Advising Center (CCPS-UAC) and also by providing opportunities to engage with faculty mentors in a one-on-one environment.

The CCPS Undergraduate Advising Center provides convenient, accessible, and accurate academic advising and student support for all students interested in programs housed within the College. We encourage you to review the information we have provided in this newsletter as well as to connect with us personally during the fall semester.

Whether this is your first time in college or you are transferring from another school, I realize that new student orientation can often be a little overwhelming! If you would like to discuss what to expect in your first year at GVSU, please contact the CCPS Undergraduate Advising Center at (616) 331-6890 or ccpsadvisor@gvsu.edu. There are also helpful resources on our website.

We are glad you have chosen GVSU and CCPS! We look forward to getting to know you in the upcoming year!

Jennifer L. McCaul,
Director, CCPS Undergraduate Advising Center

CCPS Undergraduate Advising Center

word cloud for CCPS Advising Center

The academic advising process is a collaborative relationship where the student is encouraged and supported by the advisor as they develop the skills necessary to realize their academic and professional goals and facilitate timely degree completion.

Here are just some of the ways the CCPS-UAC can help you achieve your degree goals:

  • Degree Planning. 
  • Goal Setting.
  • Outreach & Support.
  • Policies & Procedures. 
  • Referrals.

More information about our services

Meet the Staff

Anne helping students at first year orientation

The College of Community & Public Service has a dual advising system. This means that you have two different advisors within the college to assist you with your questions.

Your academic advisor in the CCPS Undergraduate Advising Center will assist you with degree planning, goal setting, and navigating through the the university. You will also be assigned a faculty mentor within your major interest area to assist you with professional inquiry, career planning, and other learning experiences.

You will need to meet with an advisor in the CCPS Undergraduate Advising Center to discuss your major interests, before being assigned a faculty mentor with similar experience or interests. We highly encourage an appointment during the fall semester. Please call our office to schedule something for September or October.

Meet the Advising Center Staff

Stay Connected...Stay Informed

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We want you to get connected with us...both Parents and Students - All you have to do is:

Like our Facebook page or Follow us on Twitter and Instagram or regularly check our Website

By staying connected with us, we can help you be more aware of events, jobs, internships, scholarships, and more that are pertinent to CCPS students.

Check your Email...Win GVSU Gear!

email envelope

First year students will be receiving an invitation to complete a survey in the next week. Your participation will allow us to understand what students expect from an advising center and will allow for us to tailor and improve our services. In return for your participation you will have an opportunity to win GVSU gear! Check your GVSU student email for this information!

All students should check their GVSU email as this is the official communication method for the university. You may be missing out on important annoucements and information if you are not using your GVSU email account!

Your Orientation to GVSU

laker for a lifetime


This exciting program helps first-year students meet new people, get acclimated to campus, and prepare for a successful university experience. All new first-year students are expected to participate in Transitions. Transitions begins on Wednesday August 20th.

Campus Life Night

Campus Life Night is a great way to learn about the over 350 registered student organizations on campus, campus resources, and local businesses and non-profits. Join us Tuesday, September 2nd, from 7-9pm in Parking Lot C (by the fieldhouse)!

Laker for a Lifetime

There is a spirit at Grand Valley that bonds students, faculty, staff and alumni. You’ll discover it in our campus traditions. You’ll find it in our classrooms and corridors. You’ll carry it with you as you go through life. It is this bond, this spirit, which makes you a Laker for a lifetime.Check out some of the Laker traditions.

Ready for your Academic Advising Appointment?

The CCPS Undergraduate Advising Center staff are here to assist you with issues related to your degree progress and navigating GVSU policy and processes as you work toward  your degree goals. You should meet with an academic advisor at least once a semester or whenever you have questions. As a new GVSU student we recommend checking in during September or October. During this meeting we can talk about how things are going during your first semester at GVSU, as well as plan for the next year.

An appointment is strongly recommended to ensure an advisor is available to meet with you. Please call 331-6890 or stop by 321C DEV to schedule a convenient time that works for you.

Although you have been assigned to a specific advisor, you may meet with any advisor in our office based on availability and what is most convenient with your schedule.

Review the RU Ready Information  for how to be prepared and make the best use of your scheduled time with an academic advisor.

How Families Can Help New Students Succeed

family at family day

Few transitions in life are totally seamless. Shifting from high school or community college to a four-year comprehensive university like GVSU can bring about some difficult adjustments, including academic ones. But there are plenty of things you can discuss as a family in advance of your student's arrival to GVSU that will significantly ease her/his academic transition. Review our 7 Habits for Academic Success for some discussion items for your family.

Did you miss parent orientation? or Do you wish you could see the video that your parents saw? Check out this super helpful video featuring a recent graduate's tips for new GVSU students!


How family members can help:

•Encourage your student to establish strong relationships with advisors and faculty.

•Maintain open communication about grades and academic progress. GVSU provides mid-term grade reports to all entering GVSU students in mid-October and early-March.

•Celebrate your student's victories, and encourage him or her to seek out help when difficulties arise.

•Encourage your student to get involved in student organizations. This provides another connection to the University and career-related skills.

•Although it may seem helpful, please refrain from doing any of these things for your student. Instead, help your student focus on his or her own abilities and direct them to seek the assistance they need.

•Connect with the GVSU Family Association for more ways to get involved! They also have many resources and information for families on their webpage!

Making Achievement Possible (MAP-Works)

mapworks logo

MAP-Works is an innovative web-based program that helps to improve your transition to college.  This program fits right in with Grand Valley’s long standing focus on you, our students.

The program is based on helping students with 4 major concepts:

•    Learning (Expected grades, grades earned in the past, basic study skills, maximization of study skills)
•    Connections (Student activities and residence hall life)
•    Making Healthy Choices (Time management, eating healthy)
•    Knowing Yourself (Academic abilities and self-management)

Student Report: A personal GPS
Upon completion of the program, you will receive a personalized report in an easy to understand format. The report will compare you to your first-year peers to help you better understand your attitudes and strengths and weaknesses. The feedback will also include academic strategies and help connect you to valuable university resources.

Map-Works Advising Team Support
The MAP-Works advising team will also review some reports and will be providing you with useful information about how to make the most out of your Grand Valley State experience

MAP-Works will be available to First-Year Students from September 12th - October 7th. Look for more information to be sent around that time.