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Trojan Horse Interiors Trojan Horse Interiors

Trojan Horse Interiors are a dynamic team of experienced commercial interior designers and construction managers providing services in all aspects of office interiors since 1991.

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Simple Solutions for Creating Social Spaces

Capturing and displaying the corporate culture of a company who has employed 80% of its staff in the last 18 months was always going to be a challenge.  This full floor loft style space is unique in the Perth market and the new team has been reflected through the use of vibrant  planning and materials. 

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Simple Solutions for Growing Companies

High ceilings, character windows and long balconies overlooking CBD streets combined with new base building services, including lifts and toilets, create the best of both new and old worlds.

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Simple Solutions for Building Company Culture

Natural light is afforded via the central light well void and differentiation between public and private spaces enable work groups to operate individually while still being connected to the larger group.

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Simple Solutions for Engaging Spaces

Creative thinking and diligent master planning for the future means maximum space performance, which in turn will ensure that this group does not outgrow the space they already consider home

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